How to bond with your baby


Building a lifetime bond with your newborn baby is one of the most beautiful and critical connections a parent can make. Establishing security and trust with your baby lays the groundwork for a healthy child to grow and reach their full potential, Take a moment to discover how most of bonding actually happens in those everyday moments like playtime, feeding or taking a bath.

Transcript Time really flies. I remember those first precious days and weeks with my little one. He redefined love and made us a family. While it was love at first sight, I took time for us to all get to know each other and learn how to embrace our new full and amazing life together. Perhaps you've just had your first child or are expecting a new baby soon. It's OK to wonder what this new relationship is going to be like. Soon we discovered that my son and I were bonding in everyday moments we shared together. Play time, feeding, taking a bath, going to bed-- we were building a lifetime bond that continues to get stronger. Just being close was very soothing to him, probably because he can only see a few inches in front of his face. But I found that being close helped us to start bonding almost immediately. When he was first born, my words didn't seem to mean anything to him. But I discovered a different language, the language of touch. Everything I needed to say, I could say through touch. Feeding is a huge part of the time we spend together in the first few months. And whether you choose to breastfeed or bottle feed, it's a special time to be close and an incredible bonding experience. His little face when he was hungry was just the cutest thing. I looked forward to feeding time, especially in the middle of the night when it was just the two of us. I also loved sharing this experience with his dad, giving him a chance to bond, too. I loved playing with his little toes. We would play games like This Little Piggie Went to the Market. I would count his little fingers or draw a clown face by tracing the outlines of his face with my finger. Around five weeks old, I saw his first smile, and it wasn't too long after that that he was able to interact with me. We would play Peek-a-Boo and giggle with each other. And it was just wonderful. We found bath time to be a little difficult at first. Trying to figure out how to keep his secure with one hand, cleaning him with the other, and all the while keeping him warm but not too warm, it took a bit of figuring out. But eventually we did. And I look forward to this special time with just the two of us. My son loved being swaddled in his blanket, so I was happy to find a diaper that did the same thing. I found diapers with super stretchy sides. They are soft and very absorbent, so they keep him nice and dry, which I learned was very important to help protect his delicate skin. They also have a handy blue line that would appear on the front to let me know he was we and it might be time for a change. After bath time, I found a great way to help him wind down was to massage his little arms and legs. Small circular motions-- he loved it. Just make sure you find a warm, secure place if you decide to try this. Well, we eventually settled into a bedtime routine where I snuggled him against my chest or nuzzled him against my neck to rock him, and we still do that to this day, even though he's nine. His warmth against my skin, the smell of him, his breathing-- there is nothing like your newborn snuggled up close. I also loved his waking up in the morning, seeing his smiling face. These were some of our best times together. Well, thank you for letting me share some of my favorite bonding experiences with you. All of these little moments together create powerful memories. I'm sure you'll find your own unique way of bonding with your baby as he grows and develops, and I'd love to hear about them. On behalf of Pampers, this is Kathleen Fisher, Howdini. Visit Pampers YouTube channel for more parenting tips.
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