How to treat sore feet


You might feel great after a long run... but sometimes your feet don't. Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara Poole offers some tips for treating sore feet.

Transcript A lot of people come to me and complain about that they have sore feet and they are not sure what that is. Sometimes it can just be your heel really, really sore and bruised. Sometimes it’s your arch. Sometimes, we’re going to take Tangela’s shoe off, sometimes you can get a bruise right here on your heel and that can be uncomfortable. Sometimes the arch can get strained or sore and that’s plantar fasciitis and what it can do is actually pull on the bone that it attaches to. Now if you have a good friend rubbing the feet is always good. If you don’t you can actually get something like a tennis ball, get something like a water bottle that you freeze and put ice in and roll it because again, what is my number one thing? Ice. Ice makes everything better, and roll it on the bottom of the arch so that you loosen that tendon up, loosen everything up so that you are not getting such a pull on the bottom. You can also look into the shoes that you are wearing. The shoes that you are wearing may be really cute but not fit your foot well.
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