How to gift wrap boxes


Knowing how to neatly wrap gift boxes is a coveted skill at the holidays. Our friend, Rod Martinez from Papyrus, shows us expert tips on how to gift wrap different sized boxes.

How to gift wrap boxes
  1. On a flat surface, roll out the wrapping paper, and place the gift on top of the paper.
  2. To measure the amount of paper you will need, pull the paper up and over the package to be sure there's enough to cover it completely. Leave a few extra inches before making a straight cut. Eyeing it usually works - just err on the side of too much paper rather than too little.
  3. Center the box upside down on top of the cut piece of paper.
  4. Bring one lengthwise edge of the wrapping paper to the center of the box and secure it with tape.
  5. Turn the opposite edge of the paper under approximately 1 inch and attach multiple pieces of double-sided tape along the edge. Bring this side of the paper to the center of the box so that it overlaps the first edge, and press down to make sure the double-sided tape has secured the seam.
  6. Next, the short ends of paper need to be folded in. If it seems like you have too much paper, trim off little by little so you don't cut too much. They should be long enough to cover the box but short enough to fold over smoothly into flaps.
  7. For a tall box, fold down the top flap and secure to side of box with tape. Then, crease each side to make a right and left flap. Make sure the creases are smooth and sharp. Place double-sided tape on the left and right flaps and fold them in towards the center. Finally, place double-sided tape on the inside of the bottom flap and fold up and secure to the side of the box. When wrapping a longer, more rectangular box, fold in the side flaps first, followed by the top and bottom flaps.
  8. Repeat on the opposite end.
Transcript LISA:  Hi I’m Lisa Birnbach for and today we’re all about wrapping presents. Just in time for the holidays. Rod Martinez is here from Papyrus the high-end stationary and gift-wrap store and he’s going to show us some tricks of the trade on how to gift-wrap different sized boxes. It is so hard Rod to figure out how much paper to use and I’m always wasting it.

ROD:  Right. That is a common mistake that people make, so what you want to do is set it down, and I want to make sure the paper comes around the box.

LISA:  Right.

ROD:  And you know you have enough to cover it. So you can let the paper down now, and we know we went up to here. So we’re going to cut a little after that so we can have a little extra. So we want to go probably up to there. Now how do you know how much to use for the side? Your going to say I need about this much here so that covers about half, so half would be up to here. Now I’m going to go a little bit further, just cut right here that should be fine. You always want to have your seems done at the bottom. You don’t want the seem to be at the top so what you want to do again is make sure its centered. See how that’s kind of in the center there. What we’re going to do is put-

LISA:  You put tape on first?

ROD:  Yeah.

LISA:  You don’t risk it.

ROD:  Tape is your friend; double-sided tape is even better. If you have a rough edge, you didn’t cut it straight, then you can always fold the paper just a little, and now we have a straight edge.

LISA:  And I like the way that looks too.

ROD:  It looks much nicer. We’re going to bring some of this double-sided tape and bring it up. So now the sides I’m just going to cut this, cut a little bit off.

LISA:  This is sometimes where I make the mistake, everything is perfect then I cut too much.

ROD:  You know, cut less first. So again we want to fold this down and we want to put some tape on here. And the trick of doing this is really getting a nice crease. So you want to crease it, you took it all the way to the end here, take it all the way to the end o n this side, and then just crease it. I always like to use a little bit of-

LISA:  Of friend.

ROD:  Of friend.

LISA:  A little more friend.

ROD:  A little more tape on this end. And a little more tape on this end, and what that’s going to do is its just going to make your job easier. And then we’re going to fold across all the way to the bottom, a nice edge here a crease. And fold across, see what that tape did here, its holding it down for you. You don’t have to do anything else.

LISA:  Right.

ROD:  So we’re going to go all the way down to the end here-

LISA:  Don’t be afraid of this tape is what your saying. You’re saying, use enough so you won’t have to re-tape it.

ROD:  And that’s how you do it.

LISA:  Another challenge would be a different sized box. And a big one that might not fit into every roll of paper right?

ROD:  Right. And I will show you how to wrap this one.

LISA:  Okay.

ROD:  Now we’re going to do on the ends here, we’re going to do a little different then the square box. You want to fold the ends in first. So again what we’re going to do is fold it down and crease it nicely. And you can use the table as help with that, then fold it and crease it. And then your going to do the same for the top, two fingers go all the way to the edge of the box. Crease that all the way to the edge. Now we have a little overture so we’re going to cut this down just a little. So just remember keep the seem to the bottom and tuck the top seem under. So we’re going to use a little bit of double sided tape. And you always have to remember to not come up to far cause your only going to come up so far with this side.

LISA:  And you don’t want the tape to show.

ROD:  You don’t want the tape to show. So now that we’ve got it nice and creased we want to fold the edge here just a little, and use a little double-sided tape to hold the paper down. And now we just want to fold it up, make sure you crease it, and there we go.

LISA:  Look at these beautiful boxes you’ve made wrapped.

ROD:  They’re great aren’t they, well you helped to.

LISA:  Well, uh, a little. Thank you very much I learned a lot.

ROD:  Great, I’m glad you did.

LISA:  And I’m going right out to buy double sided tape.

ROD:  Sounds great.

LISA:  For I’m Lisa Birnbach.
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