How to make evergreen holiday garlands


Looking for a simple way to decorate your home for the holidays? Interior designer Libby Langdon shows how to make a beautiful evergreen garland that smells as nice as it looks.

How to make evergreen holiday garlands Evergreen garlands are a simple way to bring the beauty of the season to your holiday table or mantle. Here are Libby's simple steps to make your own holiday garland out of evergreen branches, candles and ornaments:
  1. First, lay out either a real or artificial garland on your mantle or down the center of your table.
  2. Intersperse a group of white pillar candles throughout the length of the garland. Use candles of varying heights and sizes for a more interesting look. 
  3. Do the same thing with a group of pinecones of various sizes. 
  4. Finally, intersperse a handful of solid-colored ornaments in and around the garland. 
  5. As the final touch to your holiday garlands, don't forget to light the candles for a warm glow.
Transcript LISA: Hi I'm Lisa Birnbach for Looking for a way to make your holiday table beautiful? Have we got an idea for you! And by 'we' I actually mean my new friend interior designer Libby Langdon. I have no ideas. Two words: holiday garland.

LIBBY: Holiday garland. This is really simple. A great idea to really dress up your mantle or down the center of your table, and the idea is-this is a natural garland, but you could also use artificial garland that you've already got.

LISA: Right.

LIBBY: But, what you want to do is create natural elements that add a little bit of sparkle for the holidays. So what we're going to do is start with pillar candles.

LISA: Okay.

LIBBY: So just take them and sort of intersperse them at different areas, and what you want is you want to use pillar candles that are of varying heights and sizes. You don't want it all the same.

LISA: Right. Because that would be boring.

LIBBY: Exactly and we're not boring.

LISA: We are not boring.

LIBBY: We're fun and we're exciting. Okay so you start with your candles-

LISA: I noticed you corrected mine.

LIBBY: I'm sorry, no you're doing great!

LISA: [Laughs]

LIBBY: Okay so now what we're going to do is incorporate some pinecones throughout. Just sort of intersperse them.

LISA: Okay.

LIBBY: The idea is also you can put them up right now and leave it up through New Year's.

LISA: And you don't need a glue gun. You don't need staplers. You don't need any sharp objects.

LIBBY: Absolutely. Natural elements, you know, pinecones, things from your backyard. And then we want to incorporate in some ornaments 'cause this really makes it feel like the holidays.

LISA: Right.

LIBBY: So we're just going to put some of these in, and the idea is it's sort of random. There's no wrong way to do this.

LISA: Right. Even my way isn't the wrong way.


LISA: No and look how nice it looks. It looks actually finished and curetted.

LIBBY: Absolutely, and the idea too: be sure to light the candles. That's going to give it a great glow and just make it really, really elegant. I say we light them.

LISA: I'm with you. Beautiful. Libby thank you for teaching us a very doable trick, even for the design-impaired among us.

LIBBY: [Laughs] Keep it simple. Keep it easy.

LISA: Okay and happy holidays to you.

LIBBY: Happy holidays to you too.

LISA: Thank you. For I'm Lisa Birnbach.
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