How to make wreath centerpieces


Hanging wreaths on doors and walls--that's so 2007. Interior designer Libby Langdon shows how to make a beautiful centerpiece for your holiday table using a wreath and some candles.

How to make wreath centerpieces Here is an easy way to create resting wreath centerpieces for a tabletop.
  • Find a wreath of your choice. Real or artificial, evergreen or silk, will work fine for this centerpiece.
  • The size of the wreath should be based on how much room you have on the table since it will not be hanging up on the door.
  • Find a combination of pillar candles in varying heights and sizes that will make the centerpiece more visually interesting.
  • To add a little extra pizzaz, dress the candles up wth stick-on gold stars.
  • Simply place a group of candles into the center of the wreath.
  • For the final touch, don't forget to light the candles!
LISA: I'm Lisa Birnbach for and with me today just in time for the holidays is interior designer Libby Langdon with some ideas, great ideas for your tabletop. Libby we've got these candles, we've got these wreaths, now what?

LIBBY: Very simple. This is just a resting wreath centerpiece. You're not going to hang it on your door. You're going to put it as your centerpiece.

LISA: Okay.

LIBBY: And so what I love to do is take a combination of pillar candles in varying heights. Visually that's going to make it more interesting. And you literally just set them in the middle of the wreath. So these candles can go in the middle of that wreath.

LISA: Oh nice.

LIBBY: And you'll see on these candles I actually just put some gold stick-on stars.

LISA: You did these yourself?

LIBBY: Yeah, absolutely. It just adds a special little touch. And the other thing I encourage people to do: actually light your candles. I can't tell you how many people during the holidays, they don't actually light the candles.

LISA: Oh because they don't want to melt the centerpiece or whatever.

LIBBY: Exactly, but that's the whole idea. Use it. And you can really use any kind of wreath. It can be evergreen. It can be a silk wreath. It can have pinecones. Any kinds of wreath will work.

LISA: And I would bet that when they're lit and the evergreen smell would be very pretty.

LIBBY: Yeah and it just creates a beautiful glow. And it's great in an entryway, on a buffet table, or on a dining table.

LISA: And you saw how hard it was to make, as in, not at all.

LIBBY: Exactly.

LISA: It's just the imagination.

LIBBY: The idea is: keep it simple, but keep it elegant.

LISA: So Libby, let's be daring and light one.

LIBBY: We're going to get crazy and light the candles.

LISA: Okay well it's really great to know that this took almost no effort. 

LIBBY: And genuinely you might already have a wreath, an artificial one, and pillar candles. So, it's using stuff that you already have.

LISA: Right, well, I think it's great and it's very beautiful and it's more than I have ever done for my own entryway.

LIBBY: Okay.

LISA: Thank you very much. Happy holidays everybody. For I'm Lisa Birnbach.
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