How to make easy stromboli


Kids who love pizza also love stromboli-they just don't know it yet. Here's an easy way to surprise your family of pizzaholics with an alternative that tastes just as delicious. Lauren Chattman of Pillsbury demonstrates how to make stromboli.

How to make easy stromboli
  1. Heat oven to 400°F.
  2. Spray cookie sheet with cooking spray.
  3. In 10-inch skillet, cook beef over medium-high heat. Heat 5-7 minutes, stirring frequently, until thoroughly cooked; drain. Set aside.  
  4. Unroll dough; place on cookie sheet. Starting at center, press out dough with hands to form 12x8-inch rectangle.  
  5. Spread pizza sauce over dough to within 2 inches of long sides and 1/2 inch of short sides. Place the beef lengthwise down the center, forming a 3-inch-wide strip and to within 1/2 inch of the short sides.
  6. Top with cheese, bell pepper and Italian seasoning. Fold long sides of dough over filling; press edges to seal.  
  7. Bake 15-20 min or until crust is golden brown.

LISA: Hi I’m Lisa Birnbach for and this is Lauren Chattman of Pillsbury. Hi Lauren.

LAUREN: Hi Lisa how you doing?

LISA: I’m fine Lauren, but you know my kids would eat pizza every single night—

LAUREN: Mm-hmm.

LISA: If I would let them, but moms aren’t supposed to let them do that. So this variation you’re going to teach us is called stromboli.

LAUREN: And it’s super easy to make and super fun to make. So the first thing we’re going to do is open this can of refrigerated pizza crust and drop it onto the baking sheet. Okay and we’re going to find the seam where we can unroll it. And you can see it’s—

LISA: Why does that remind me of my thighs?

LAUREN: It’s kind of, I don’t know, it’s kind of a rough rectangle and we’re going to press it into a neater rectangle. And we’re going to neaten it up. We’ve got half a cup of pizza sauce.

LISA: Now pizza sauce is different from marinara sauce?

LAUREN: I think you can use your favorite tomato sauce if you like. There’s not too much, just something to moisten the dough. You want to leave about three inches on either side and just half an inch on the shorter side. And then we’ve got some cooked ground beef. We’ve already cooked this; this is about half a pound.

LISA: Now you’re using ground beef alone, you’re not using a combination of meats?

LAUREN: No, but you could if you wanted to.

LISA: You could.

LAUREN: You could use meatloaf mix; that would be good…ground turkey.

LISA: Ground turkey or you could do a vegetarian version I’m sure.

LAUREN: Absolutely. Then we’ve got a cup of shredded mozzarella cheese. We’ve got some diced red and green peppers…put that on top. And I’m just sprinkling on a little bit of Italian seasoning.

LISA: And what’s in those spices exactly?

LAUREN: There’s a little bit of oregano, dried basil, parsley, hot red pepper flakes.

LISA: Could you use fresh herbs if you wanted?

LAUREN: If you’d like to sure. If you have an herb garden at your house…a few herb pots, sure, snip some and put them in.

LISA: Okay now what?

LAUREN: Now we’re going to fold it up, so stretch the side over here. Put that together and now we’re just going to pinch the dough together like that. Seal it up nice and tight because you want it to be nice and neat when it comes out of the oven. You don’t want it to ooze too much, although if it does, that’s not a big deal. Not a problem. I’m just going to finish pinching it together and then the stromboli is ready to go into the oven.

LISA: For how long?

LAUREN: 15 to 20 minutes in a 400-degree oven. Rest it on the countertop before you try to slice it. Then there it is: all sliced and ready to serve with a big salad. You’re good to go.

LISA: Absolutely. I’ll take this and I’ll take it home. Lauren thank you so much.

LAUREN: You’re welcome.

LISA: If you go to you’ll find a lot of other great ideas and inspiration for quick and easy meals that will impress your whole family. I’m Lisa Birnbach for
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