How to make a lattice top pie crust


We thought lattice pie crusts required engineering or geometry skills, but it turns out all you really need is a ruler and nerves of steel 'til you get hang of it. Lauren Chattman from Pillsbury shows us the secret of how to make a gorgeous lattice top pie crust.

How to make a lattice top pie crust

Traditional lattice weave

  1. First, let the refrigerated pie crust soften on the counter for 15 minutes, so that it’s easy to work with. Then roll it out onto the countertop. It shouldn’t be sticky, so no flour is needed.
  2. Using a ruler, mark off the crust every ½ inch to ¾ of an inch.
  3. Using the ruler marks as a guide, cut the pie crust into strips with a pairing knife.
  4. Starting from the outside of the sliced pie crust, pick up one strip (the shortest one) and lay it down across one edge of the pie. Selecting every other stip, place them across the pie in one direction with a 1/2 space between each strip.
  5. Now for the weaving part: The next set of strips will be facing perpendicular to the first set. Again start at the edge, and as you lay it across the pie, lift every other strip from the first set so the new strip goes over and under every other one. Continue this over and under pattern as you lay down the remaining strips across the pie.
  6. Finish off the crust by rolling the edge under. If there are any overhanging pieces from these strips, you tuck them right in.
  7. To scallop the edges, push your index finger in between two other fingers to get a crimped edge all the way around. Think push rather than pinch to get the best look.
  8. Before baking, place a pie shield or aluminum foil strips on top of the pie crust edges to prevent burning. Remove them 15 minutes before the pie is finished.


Quick & Easy Lattice

  • A simpler alternative to the traditional lattice weave is to place every other strip across the pie in one direction, then place the remaining strips on top in the opposite direction. This way, you can save time by not weaving every strip. Once baked, the quick & easy lattice looks nearly as gorgeous as the traditional method.
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