How to make a kitty litter cake for Halloween


Trick or treat? Bruce Littlefield shows comedian and Howdini pal, Lizz Winstead, how to make this delightfully disgusting kitty litter cake, just in time for Halloween. We're relieved it's a treat.

How to make a kitty litter cake for Halloween
  1. Invert 13 x 9 chocolate cake into a new (unused) litter box. The cake and litter box create the base for the kitty litter cake.
  2. Place one 12-ounce package of vanilla creme cookies in a large resealable plastic bag and pound cookies with a mallet or by hand until the cookies are broken into small pieces.
  3. Sprinkle the crumbled cookies on top of the chocolate cake.
  4. Generously sprinkle cookie crumbs with green colored sugar or green sprinkles. The green color creates the look of chlorophyll in real kitty litter.
  5. Place 6-8 unwrapped Tootsie Rolls® in a microwave safe dish and microwave until melted.
  6. Scrape melted Tootsie Rolls® out of the bowl with a small spoon and form the umm, you know....
  7. Bury the melted Tootsie Rolls® and place more on the surface of the cookie crumb mixture to achieve maximum gross-out.
  8. To serve, place new (unused) kitty litter pooper scooper in the kitty litter cake. To serve on a table, place the kitty litter cake on top of newspaper adorned with a few sprinkles of "kitty litter". Or, do as Lizz Winstead suggests and walk around your Halloween party offering guests a scoop of your kitty litter cake.



LIZZ: Hi I'm Lizz Winstead for Now I like Halloween, but I don't really like the scary part of Halloween as much as I like the gross-out part of Halloween. So with me is the gross-out king and the guru of fun author Bruce Littlefield is here, and he's going to show us how to make an amazingly gross kitty litter cake. It sounds amazing.

BRUCE: It is and I love being described by you as gross. That's so charming. But it starts with a cake. Right?

LIZZ: Well it's already gross. 

BRUCE: Does that scare you? It is a gross cake, but I'm going to make it even grosser with a kitty litter box. 

LIZZ: Okay. 

BRUCE: Okay so you take your cake which is already pretty gross. 

LIZZ: Yeah. 

BRUCE: And you take your kitty litter tray, flip is upside down. 

LIZZ: Oh...

BRUCE: Does that gross you out? 

LIZZ: Yeah it's real gross. 

BRUCE: Oh just wait.

LIZZ: So this is basically the liner?

BRUCE: Well this is just your foundation. 

LIZZ: The "foundation."

BRUCE: The foundation. 

LIZZ: Okay and this is the actual "litter."

BRUCE: That's the techincal 

LIZZ: This is the litter?

BRUCE: That's going to be your litter. 

LIZZ:  What is this?

BRUCE: It's cookies. 

LIZZ:  Oh that's good.

BRUCE: Oh and now we're getting grosser. 

LIZZ:  That's good alright so that looks like litter. Awesome.

BRUCE: That's looking pretty good, right?

LIZZ:  Yeah, yeah, yeah.

BRUCE: How about  your green?

LIZZ:  What's that do?

BRUCE: Well you know how the cat litter has that green stuff in it, that sort of chloroform or whatever that stuff is.

LIZZ:  Oh so when they go like this--

BRUCE: Yeah sort of absorbs the smell. 

LIZZ:  Oh wait, so when you eat the cake do you eat it like that?

BRUCE: Oh no. 

LIZZ: Because that would be awesome. 

BRUCE: We'll show you how you're going to eat it in just a little while because I'm really going to have you eating some good, good kitty litter cake.

LIZZ:  Okay. Okay so that's good.

BRUCE: And now here comes the big surprise. 

LIZZ:  Yeah here it comes: the turd. Let's be honest it's a turd.

BRUCE: It is the turd. So what you do is take a couple of Tootsie Rolls, put it in the microwave anywhere from forty seconds to a minute. And once you create your creations they look a little like--

LIZZ:  Oh they're turdish. That is a healthy cat.

BRUCE: And you, I think, you know make it--

LIZZ:  Smooth side down. Can I say that?

BRUCE: I agree. Put that in there.

LIZZ:  Can I help?

BRUCE: Oh sure. 

LIZZ:  So you place them in a little of that.

BRUCE: Yep, yep. 

LIZZ:  So you know it made something. People at home are dying to know the turd-forming technique because that's really what makes it, so...

BRUCE: How to make a good doodee.

LIZZ: How to make a good doodee with your hands. 

BRUCE: You want to see? Okay. Alright so you take a spoon.

LIZZ: Okay wait you melted this for a minute.

BRUCE: I melted this for a minute, but look at this.

LIZZ:  Oh you just scoop it out.

BRUCE: Mm-hmm. And then you can sort of form it a little bit with your hands. 

LIZZ:  So that's a good one. That's done. Done. Don't overthink it. That's good. That's the bets one. Yeah awesome.

BRUCE: Oh that one looks fresh. 

LIZZ: Okay. Oh yeah that is good. That is good, but here's the thing: I don't think you put this on the table. I think this is the kind of "treat" that you walk around the party and serve your guests, right? How gross. Here's a big cat box. It's like, "hi!" Mmmm delicious. 


LIZZ:  See it's much more gross walking around with a cat scoop.

BRUCE: It really is. 

LIZZ:  That is my contribution to the gross out party.

BRUCE: Mm-hmm. Thank you. 

LIZZ:  Bruce thank you this is awesome.

BRUCE: Happy Halloween.

LIZZ:  And thanks to you guys. I'm Lizz Winstead for


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