How to determine food portions


Portion control is key to a healthy lifestyle. The Bikini Chef Susan Irby describes how a woman can determine the correct serving size when preparing meals.

Transcript Serving sizes and weight loss go hand-in-hand and it’s funny that I would say they go hand-in-hand because you can kind of gauge the appropriate serving size by your fist. So if you kind of ball up your fists, that is about how much of each thing you should eat, so how much protein, how much of the side dish, whether it’s grilled vegetables, even if it’s carb like a starch, like go for brown rice as opposed to white rice, but even if you have white rice that is about the quantity and equals to about four ounces. Now if you tell somebody that you should only eat half a cup of something, which is about four ounces or they may kind of go, “Wow, that doesn’t sound like enough,” but when you get a plate, if you are out at a restaurant or even at home and you have your… a colorful plate is a healthy plate, so if you have the protein, the vegetables and the starch and they are all about four ounces, that’s 12 ounces of food, if I am adding correctly, and that’s plenty. That’s more than enough. So keeping it lean and keep the portion control, everything in moderation, so all of those are key tips to weight loss and just weight maintenance, too.
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