10 Ways to Use Rubber Bands: Howdini Hacks


Rubber Bands are more powerful than you might think! From the kitchen to the garage, Howdini has 10 ways to stretch the limits of this powerful little tool.

Transcript Sure, glasses make you look super smart, but not when you're constantly pushing them back up your face. Keep glasses from sliding down your nose by wrapping small rubber bands around the arms just behind the ear curve. We all know licking the spoon is the best part of baking. Digging around in batter for the handle is definitely not. Prevent mixing spoons from sliding into bowls by wrapping a rubber band around the handle to anchor it to the rim. You'll look like a superhero when you manage to remove the toughest lids in the kitchen with this simple trick- wrap a rubber band around container lids for extra grip. Score one for print with a handy trick to keep books and magazines as tidy as a kindle. Keep covers together securely with a rubber band and throw into your bag! Use a rolling technique for magazines to keep from fraying. Spare yourself from having to chase ribbons and threads unspooling across the room by securing ends with a rubber band. It's hard to slice and dice when your cutting board is slipping all around the counter! Wrap a rubber band around each end of your board to act as grippers, and your board will stay put. Stretch a rubber band around one door handle, twist into an X-shape, and secure the other end of the band over the handle on the other side of the door. Now you can let the door shut and you don't have to worry about getting locked out. Went to fix that wobbly table only to find that the screw head is stripped? Not to worry! Simply place a rubber band over the screw head, insert your screwdriver, and twist! Avoid the hassle of prying open a paint can just to see how much is left inside. Next time you finish using your paint, wrap a band around the can horizontally at the same level the paint is up to. Now, when the can is closed, you'll always be able to tell how much paint you have left. When you're painting right out of the can, it seems to drip everywhere - even if you wipe your brush on the rim. Avoid all dripping by placing a rubber band vertically around the center of the can, and swiping your brush on it before you start your next paint job. Thanks for watching! Let us know your favorite hacks, and they just might appear in an upcoming Howdini video.
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