How to cut calories while cooking


If you're looking to slim down, start in the kitchen! The Bikini Chef Susan Irby shares some of her best calorie-cutting tips.

Transcript Let me give you some tips on how there are easy ways that you can cut calories throughout the day and we’ll start it with breakfast. So you go for breakfast, even if you are eating at home or you are eating out, and you hear it a lot but go for the egg whites instead of whole egg yolks. If you are not a big fan of that then leave off the cheese or ask for a reduced amount of the cheese. If it’s in a vegetarian burrito let’s say, or if it’s in an omelet, just have them cut back on the cheese or leave it out. Other ways, and some things that I love, one of my favorite substitution ingredients is non-fat vanilla yogurt or non-fat plain yogurt and the reason why I love that is because you get lots of flavor, and it gives you a creamy base but there’s none of the fat that you don’t want. And a lot of people get afraid of using non-fat ingredients or even trying to order and see if that’s available at a restaurant or something, but don’t be because then you can infuse flavors into it. Let’s say that you are using that in a chicken salad. You can use that instead of mayonnaise and then add some lemon zest and some freshly chopped cilantro leaves, freshly chopped Italian flat leaf parsley or even mint leaves and they are so good and refreshing. You are not going to realize that there is no fat in there because it tastes so good you will forget about the fat, which is good.
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