How to pack a shirt to avoid wrinkles


Wouldn't it be nice if you could pull a shirt out of your suitcase and find it smooth and wrinkle-free? You can, if you follow the folding technique demonstrated by Linda Koopersmith, the Beverly Hills Organizer.

How to pack a shirt to avoid wrinkles
  • Lay your dress shirt, front-side down, on a table.
  • Place a dry cleaning bag on the back of the shirt.
  • Fold in the sleeves and fabric that extends past the width of the collar; your shirt should now only be as wide as the collar.
  • Take a second bag and place it on the middle of the shirt.
  • Fold the bottom up over the bag, so it lines up evenly with the collar.
  • Wrap the shirt in a third bag.
  • Pack the wrapped dress shirt in your suitcase.
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I’m Linda Koopersmith, the Beverly Hills Organizer, for If you’re one those people that like to travel and keep their shirts nice and crisp, just like they are to the cleaner, and keep the from getting wrinkled, I have a secret that can work for you.

First of all, take a shirt and lie it down on a table like so. The next thing that you’re going to want to do is save some of your dry cleaning bags, like I have right here. Take the bag and put it on the back of the shirt. Then fold in, right to the edge of the neck, at the collar, and fold the sleeves back, like so. Do the same thing to the opposite side. And, again.

Take a second bag, like I have here, and put that bag in the middle, again, of the shirt. Take the bottom, fold it up, even to the top of the collar. Let’s flip that over, and then let’s take a third bag, just to be sure that we’re not going to have any problems with wrinkling. And take the shirt, and lie it on top of the bag. Simply fold it over, like so.
Beautifully wrapped, plop it in your suitcase, and you are wrinkle-free, ready to go.

I’m Linda Koopersmith for

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