How to maximize your closet space


Have you turned your walk-in closet into a blocked-in closet, overflowing with clothes and hangers? Linda Koopersmith, The Beverly Hills Organizer, shows you a few simple tips to maximize your closet space.

How to maximize your closet space

Linda has several simple organizing ideas to help you maximize your closet space:

Soft Grip Hangers

  • You can save lots of closet space by using soft grip hangers.
  • Soft grip hangers come in two styles: suit style (or two-piece) and single style.
  • On a single-style soft grip hanger a spaghetti strap dress will not fall off because of the texture of the hanger material.
  • They also come in a few different colors. Using one color will contribute to a clean, organized look.


Slack Hangers

  • For pants it is best to use a hanger called a slack hanger.
  • Most people use a two-piece hanger for pants. This requires that you pull the hanger off of the rod to remove the pants. It also makes it hard to choose the color of the pants when they are all bunched up together. They also waste a lot of vertical space. Using slack hangers to organize your closet can save 4 inches of hanging space.
  • A slack hanger allows you to simply slide the pants off the hanger. It also saves you vertical space to allow you to put things below your pants on the floor or shelf.


Skirt Hangers

  • For skirts use hangers with clips.
  • They also have a hook so you can hang multiple skirt hangers together to maximize space.


A Few More Closet Organization Ideas

  • Coordinate your clothes by type (long sleeve vs. short sleeve, etc.) as well as by color to make them easier to find.
  • A rolling rod can be very handy, whether it’s for your clothes, a guest bedroom or a yard sale.
  • If you have high ceilings you can organize closet space by hanging your clothes up high to take full advantage of the extra space. You can reach them using a garment hook.

I’m Linda Koopersmith, the Beverly Hills Organizer, for If you’re one of those people out there who have said, ‘I’m completely out of closet space.’ I’ve got good news for you: How would you like to expand your closet space by 40 percent?

This is my secret to expand people’s space in their closet. It’s called a soft-grip hanger. It comes in several different colors, and two different styles. This style, which is a suit style for two pieces, and also the single style like this. Great for spaghetti strap tops, as well as any type of blouse or dress.

Now, I like to pick a single color and go with it, as I did right here. I chose to show you blue today. I love the look of it, and it keeps a very nice, organized, clean look in your closet.

Now let me show you what the spaghetti strap top does on this hanger. Because of the texture on the hanger, the strap won’t fall off. That’s fantastic. Now the next things you want to do is when you’re going to change all your hangers over, you want to color coordinate everything like I’ve done here. From your sleeveless, to your short sleeve, long sleeve, and by color.

Now what about pants? I use a totally different type of hanger for pants. I use a hanger like this, called a slack hanger. I do it for a couple of different reasons. First of all, I used one of these hangers to show the difference. Most people will use a hanger like this to hang their pants. And when they’re in a closet, and they’re all squished up next to each other, when you want your pants, you actually have to remove the hanger and pull the pant off the hanger. The other thing is when they’re all close together also, to look for the color of the pant, is down here, which I don’t like. I also want to save space because, from this part of my rod, where my hanger goes over the rod, to this area, happens to be about four inches of wasted space.

Now let me show you want the slack hanger does for you. By using the slack hanger, like I’ve done here, I’ve draped my pants over, I’ve saved myself several inches here, about four inches of hanging space, which means that now I can put something underneath in my closet – a pair of boots or some shoe boxes or whatnot, or whatever you’re storing down below, baskets or whatnot – and when I want the pair of pants, I can simply just pull it right off.

For skirts, I love to use a hanger like this. This is an add-on skirt hanger; it has a little hook right here. If you have a lot of short skirts, I like to cascade those down, and again, don’t forget to color coordinate.

If you’re one of those lucky people who have really high ceilings in their closet, don’t be afraid to triple-hang. There’s a way to get those garments down. Purchase a garment hook like this one. Simply hook it onto the hanger like so, and bring the garment down to you. It’s as easy as that.
Now, aren’t you excited that you’re going to have forty percent more hanging space in your closet?

I’m Linda Koopersmith for

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