How to make a castle cake


We know what you're thinking - this castle cake is spectacular, but I could never make it. It's actually not that hard, once you watch professional baker Liv Hansen for Betty Crocker Kitchens create it, step by step.

How to make a castle cake Building the layers of the castle cake
  1. Chill cake layers in the freezer for 30 minutes.
  2. Using serrated knife, cut off the dome of each cake layer to create a flat, even top.
  3. Tint white frosting with red food coloring to create a desired shade of pink.
  4. Place the first cake layer on a serving platter. Using a spatula, spread about 1/3 cup of pink frosting over the top of the cake layer. Invert the second cake layer and place on top of the frosted cake.
  5. Spread another 1/3 cup of pink frosting on top of the cake.
  6. Invert the third cake layer and place on top of frosted cake. Push down on the cake to make sure the cake layers are level and stable.
  7. Using the serrated knife, cut the fourth layer into four quarters.
  8. Spread a small dollop of pink frosting in the middle of the layered cake. Lay one of the quarters on top. Spread frosting on top of the quarter and place a second quarter on that. Again, spread pink frosting on the top and lay the third quarter on top of the second one.
  9. Cut the last quarter into quarters again.
  10. Make a third tier on the cake. Spread frosting on the top layer. Place one of the small remaining pieces on top. Repeat with another layer of frosting and another small remaining piece of cake.
  11. Crumb coat the cake by spreading a thin layer of pink frosting all over the entire cake. Chill for 30 minutes.


Decorating Your Castle Cakes

  1. Frost the cake with a thick layer of pink frosting. Once cake is frosted, use spatula to remove excess frosting, working from the outside of the cake in, to create a level, even look.
  2. Frost the outside of the sugar cones with pink frosting. Roll them in the sanding sugar to coat evenly. Place four of the cones upside-down on the corners of the bottom tier of the cake, pressing cones slightly to adhere them to the cake. Place the last cone in the center of the top layer.
  3. Line the border of the bottom tier between the cones with sugar cubes, leaving a small space between each sugar cube.
  4. Use a small dollop of frosting to adhere candy stars to the top of each of the five cones.
  5. Place colored gumballs around the cake to decorate.
  6. Place two pink wafer cookies on the bottom cake layer for the doors. Cut some wafer cookies into smaller pieces and place around the cake for windows. Using decorator's icing or a pastry bag with white frosting, pipe accents onto the windows and doors.
  7. Insert candles on the cake.

If you would like to make this castle cake for a boy, you can do so with the following variations:

  1. Use chocolate frosting to ice the cake.
  2. Leave the ice cream cones unfrosted and instead, pipe accents on the cones with blue frosting.
  3. Change the color palette of the decorations, using blue, yellow, red and chocolate candies.
  4. Change the wafer cookies to chocolate or vanilla.
  5. Create a drawbridge using pretzel sticks.


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LAURIE: I’m Laurie Gelman for, and if you’re already excited about this magical castle cake, then I hereby declare that you, too, can make this in your kitchen! And we’re going to find out how to make this cake for a boy or a girl. To show us how, we turn to our friend Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens. Hey, Liv, How are you?

LIV: Hey, Laurie!

LAURIE: Now that is a very impressive looking cake.

LIV: Thank you.

LAURIE: But complicated if you don’t know what you’re doing.

LIV: Well if you take it step by step, you can do it.

LAURIE: I believe you. Step one, Let’s go.

LIV: Okay. You’re going to need four eight inch square cakes. And I’ve chilled these in the freezer for about thirty minutes, so they’re not going to have as many crumbs when we cut them.


LIV: Okay. Now to make the tiers of your castle more level, I recommend cutting of the domes of your cake. So I’m going to use a serrated knife, and go ahead and do that. Then, I’m going to use about one third of a cup and scoop it right on top. Then, I’m going to spread it evenly.

So now that that’s done, I’m going to take the next cake, invert it, and put it right on top. And try to center it. And again, another third of a cup. Okay. And then we’re going to do one more layer. Nice and tall.

LAURIE: This is good!

LIV: And you can push it down a little bit to try and make it more level. Now this one, we’re going to cut into quarters. I’m going to put a little dollop of frosting, spread it a little bit, and that’ll be the glue for starting the next tier of the castle.


LIV: And just repeat that. Okay. And we’re just going to use one more layer on top.
Now, we’re going to cut this one in quarters again, to get about 2 inch squares.

LAURIE: Are we going up even higher?

LIV: We’re going to do a third tier.


LIV: And we’re just going to do two for that. So now, we’re ready to do a crumb coat.

LAURIE: What’s a crumb coat?

LIV: A crumb coat is basically a thin layer of frosting that we spread over the entire cake, and that will seal in some of the crumbs, so that your final coat is nice and clean. And I actually have one ready to go, that we can start doing the final coat on.

LAURIE: Okay, I’ll move this, you get that.

LIV: Great, thank you.

LAURIE: That looks fancy already.

LIV: Yeah, for a little fancier presentation we put it on a pedestal.

LAURIE: That looks great.

LIV: So now we’re going to start the final coat.

LAURIE: How pristine do you have to be with this?

LIV: Well, as close as you can to get a flat finish, the better. I just like to get all the icing on first, and then I’ll flatten it out. So now I have this lip of icing, and I’m going to start to just slice it off, running my spatula in. Don’t start on your cake. You want to start from outside and slice it in and over. So now’s the fun part: we get to start decorating.

LAURIE: Oh, great. I mean, it looks good enough already, but okay, let’s do it.

LIV: I have a plate of sanding sugar here. This is pink sanding sugar, and what I’m going to do, is I’m going to take these ice cream cones, ice them with the pink frosting, and you’re going to roll it in the sanding sugar to get a nice glistening effect.

LAURIE: Okay. Okay. Sanding sugar, you can buy at the grocery store?

LIV: You can.


LIV: Okay. So I’m going to put it here, and you can just put your fingers in it and just roll it around.


LIV: And I’ll start the next one. You’re going to need five of these. Okay, so now we’re ready to put them on the castle.

LAURIE: Is there a trick?

LIV: Well basically I would put your fingers in here, and hold at the top, and just balance it very gently, and place it on. And just sort of push it in a little bit to the icing to make sure it adheres. Great. And one for the top. Okay.

LAURIE: Beautiful.

LIV: So now we’re going to add some accents and candy.

LAURIE: Oh, good.

LIV: So I have some sugar cubes, some little stars, and some gumballs, and some little wafer cookies. So the sugar cubes, you can just place them. We’re going to put these little stars up here, and we’ll use our frosting as the glue.


LIV: Just dip it in a little bit. And then maybe some of these gumballs. And one over these

LAURIE: Purple!

LIV: So now we’re going to create the doors and the windows. And I’m going to use these little wafer cookies. Use two for the door, and that I’ve cut some a little shorter to make for the windows.

LAURIE: Oh, cute.

LIV: So I’m going to pipe on some accents, and there you have it.

LAURIE: This looks gorgeous, and any little girl would love to have this at their party. Look at that.

LIV: Thank you.

LAURIE: Oh, but the final touch?

LIV: Candles.

LAURIE: Birthday candles. Two more in the front.

LIV: Perfect.

LAURIE: And you light them up and you sing happy birthday. That’s so great. This is very girly-girl though. Can you do a boy’s castle?

LIV: Sure. You can just frost it with chocolate, and maybe change the color palette. Use some yellow and blue and red candies. And you can change the wafer cookies to chocolate or vanilla.

LAURIE: Oh, that’s a great idea. And put a moat, dragon –

LIV: Dragon –

LAURIE: Damsel in distress. I’m trying to think of, sword!

LIV: All that stuff.

LAURIE: I love it, I love it. Thank you so, so much.

LIV: Thank you.

LAURIE: I’m Laurie Gelman for

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