How to make fun and creative pancakes for kids


Why make plain old round pancakes when it's so easy to make them in different shapes? Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows how to make fun shaped pancakes the kids will love. And who knows, you just might get rewarded with a pancake breakfast in bed one of these days.

How to make fun and creative pancakes for kids Using a squeeze bottle to make creative pancake shapes:
  • Put pancake batter into a squeeze bottle. This will give you more control over making small shapes.
  • Grease your griddle before you warm it up.
  • Using the squeeze bottle, make some fun shapes on the griddle with the batter. Several creative ideas include: Make your kids’ initials, Xs and Os (hugs and kisses), Hearts, smiley faces or flowers.
  • Flip the pancakes over once the bubbles begin to appear.

Make a pig pancake:
  • To make a pig pancake, use the squeeze bottle to make two small ovals or circles and one large one on the griddle.
  • Use a plastic spatula to flip the pancakes, especially if you are working on a nonstick surface.
  • Once the pancakes are cooked, take one of the small ones and place it on the plate and cut it in half to make the ears.
  • Now take the large pancake and place it just on top of the pancake you have cut in half so the ears are just underneath the large pancake.
  • Place the other small pancake on the larger pancake to form the snout.
  • Decorate the pancake pig with chocolate chips or blueberries. Use blueberries for the snout and chocolate chips for the eyes.
  • You can top off the pancakes with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh strawberries.

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Hi, I’m Liv Hansen for and Betty Crocker Kitchens. I’m here with Lyle, Quentin, and Perry, and I’m going to show you how easy and fun it can be to make special pancakes with your kids for breakfast, which is a great idea for a slumber party, or even for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day. Now, traditionally you would just ladle your batter right onto the griddle. But I have a great trick. I poured my batter into a squeeze bottle. This’ll give you a lot of control for making small shapes. I’ve pre-greased my griddle with a little cooking spray. Just make sure you do it when the griddle is not hot. So I’m going to start. I’m going to make some X’s and O’s, and some fun shapes. Little hugs and kisses. But feel free to do any letter. Maybe the initials of your kids. I’m going to squeeze the bottle, and just make my shape. X…O….X.

If you want them to look like round pancakes, you can actually make the letter, let it set a little bit on the griddle until bubbles form, and the ladle over a little bit more batter. Another option is just to use that squeeze bottle, and make that circular shape over it.

Okay, so we’re ready to flip the pancakes. So remove the pancakes when the bottoms are brown. You can actually peek a little bit, lift it up and see. I think these are ready.

Now I’m going to show you another fun pancake. How about a pig pancake, guys? Anybody want one?




Great. Okay, so this one’s pretty easy. I’m going to use my squirt bottle again. To make one pig, you’ll need two small ovals or circles, and one large one. I’m going to make two pigs. Let’s flip them. If you’re working on a non-stick griddle, it's important to use a plastic spatula. That way, you don’t scratch the surface.

So now it's time to assemble our pig. Take of the small ones, place it on your plate, and cut it in half. This is going to be the ears. Take the large one and place it over, and then another small one for the snout. Now to decorate, you can use chocolate chips or blueberries. I’m going to use both. Blueberries for the snout, and chocolate chips for the eyes. And there’s your pig.

Who wants a pig?


I do, too!

Okay, let’s start over here. You’ll get a little pig. And let’s finish this one. And there you go. Let me drizzle a little bit over your pig. Dig in, kids!

A great way to top off these delicious pancakes is with a dollop of whipped cream and some fresh strawberries. I’m Liv Hansen for and Betty Crocker Kitchens.

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