How to make ice cream cone cupcakes


These cupcake cones might be the most delicious optical illusion you'll ever taste. Professional baker and author Liv Hansen for the Betty Crocker Kitchens shows how to make these clever cupcake "ice cream cones."

How to make ice cream cone cupcakes Decorating the ice cream cone cupcakes:
  1. Fill a wafer ice cream cone half-full with candy.
  2. Remove liners from a regular cupcakes.
  3. Spread a dollop of frosting evenly across top of cupcake.
  4. Invert cupcake into the cone with the icing side down.
  5. Place another dollop of frosting on top of the cupcake.
  6. Invert a mini cupcake and place on top of the cupcake in the ice cream cone.
  7. Hold cone in your hand and frost entire surface of the cupcake.
  8. Use the spatula to create texture in the icing to give it a “soft serve” look.
  9. Drop rainbow sprinkles by hand onto the cone to finish it.

Betty Crocker's ice cream cone cupcake recipe serves 18.

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Cupcakes are a favorite treat for so many kids, and even adults. And this clever and unusual way to serve them will surely bring a smile to anyone who has one. I’m Liv Hansen for and Betty Crocker Kitchens, and I’m going to show you how easy these surprise cupcakes are to make.

You’ll need some wafer cones, cupcakes, mini cupcakes, frosting, and candy. So let’s get started!

I’m going to take my cone and fill it with candy. Just about halfway. So now, remove the cupcake liner. Take a dollop of frosting, and place it on top and spread it evenly. Then, invert the cupcake into the cone. Place another dollop of frosting on top of this cupcake. Then, take a mini cupcake and invert it right on top.

Now, it’s time to frost our ice cream cone. We want it to look like a soft-serve cone. I’m just going to cover the entire surface with frosting. I hold the cone in my hand, I think that’s the easiest way. And once we have it all covered, we’ll give it a little texture to imitate the soft-serve look.

So to do that, I’m just going to run my spatula around.

The final touch? Sprinkles.

And there you have your cupcake cone! I’m Liv Hansen for and Betty Crocker Kitchens.

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