How to remove ink stains


Removing ink stains can be a real challenge. But Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife, knows how to do it. Watch as she shares her secret for removing ink stains.

How to remove ink stains

The keys to removing ink stains are to pre-treat them as quickly as possible and to make sure that stains are completely removed before you put the items into the dryer. Here's what you can do to remove ink stains:

  • Saturate the stained area with hair spray!
  • Dab the stained area with a cloth or rag to lift off as much of the stain as possible. Repeat until stain is removed. You may need to do this several or many times.
  • Wash using your preferred detergent and color-appropriate bleach.
  • Do not put in the dryer unless the stain is completely removed, as this will 'set' the stain.
  • If hair spray and washing do not remove the stain, take the item to a professional cleaner.
Transcript Hi I’m Julie Edelman, the Accidental Housewife, here on howdini today to help you get those horrible ink stains out when your kid leaves these pens in their pants or they just happen to think their pants are a better place to draw.

All right so how do we get them out? Simple enough all of you listening. Hairspray. You’ve got it handy? Use it. What you want to do is really saturate that Rembrandt that they’ve left you on whatever it is, the pants, whatever else. And as you see it’ll start to bleed. What you then want to do is you can dab it a little to lift some of it cause as you can see it will start to lift up a little. And when you’re done you want to throw it into the laundry using good old detergent and color appropriate bleach.

We’re back. Me and my stains. All right now do you remember that ink stain? Well guess what? Ink stain be gone. Huh? Pretty good. Now remember though whenever you do a stain the two keys to success are, one, always pre-treat it. The minute it happens you try to get to it. Now I’ve appreciate if it’s your kid and he’s been with this stain all day you’ll do it as quickly as you can. And number two, don’t ever put the garment or the napkin or whatever it is into the dryer until you’ve gotten that stain out, otherwise, it’ll be setting. And if it’s a really, really bad stain take the easy way and go to the dry cleaner pronto. I’m Julie Edelman, the Accidental Housewife, here on howdini.
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