How to remove deodorant stains


It's easier than you think to remove deodorant stains from your clothes. Here's Julie Edelman, The Accidental Housewife, with her quick and simple technique.

How to remove deodorant stains

To remove the "zebra stripe" stains that you get from your deodorant, use this simple tip:

  • Use the foam rubber that dry cleaners use on hangers to cushion delicate garments!
  • Simply remove the foam rubber from the hanger, fold in half, and rub it across the deodorant stripe.
  • Voila! Stain gone, trip to the dry cleaner not needed, excessive dry cleaning fee avoided.
Transcript Hi I'm Julie Edelman, the Accidental Housewife, here today with a great way to get out those zebra stains we get from our deordorant. Really simple and we'll finally have another good reason to take our clothes to the dry cleaner. All you want to do is use the foam rubber from those dry cleaner hangers when you get them back. So if you're traveling this is a great tip as well. So you take it, you fold it in half, and then you just gently rub that little stripe out. Really simple, very manicure friendly, and look: voila! Zebra be gone. I'm Julie Edelman, the Accidental Housewife, here with
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