How to make a fun & easy kids' egg breakfast


Who better to teach kids how to cook than a kid? 18-year-old Justin Miller published his first cookbook several years ago and is already a professionally trained chef. This is a recipe for a quick egg breakfast kids will love to help make.

How to make a fun & easy kids' egg breakfast
  • Place the piece of bread flat and press the top of a glass or cup into the center, cutting out a circle of the bread and set aside. 
  • Melt a little butter into the bottom of the pan, just enough to keep the bread from sticking. Place both pieces of the bread in the pan.
  • Crack an egg into the center of the piece of bread where the hole has been cut out. Allow to cook for a couple of minutes before flipping the egg and bread, and the bread cut-out, over. It should be toasty brown.
  • Remove from pan and place the bread cut-out on top of the egg that's in the center of the piece of bread. Drizzle maple syrup all over it and enjoy.

I'm Justin with Today I'm going to show you a quick, simple breakfast you can use right before you go on to school because the average teenager has about ten minutes to get ready for school in the morning. So this is something that you can blow through really fast, it's really fun, and it tastes really good too. With this you're going to need a medium sized skillet, an egg, your favorite bread whether it be white or wheat or rye or pumpernickel or whatever it is you like. And we have half a stick of butter here.

Okay so you're going to take a piece of bread and you're just going to place it flat on your cutting surface or wherever. You going to want to take a glass or a cup with a small or medium sized perimeter. You going to take this and press down firmly on it just to get a nice cut right out of the center of the bread. Take it just like this, you can set it aside.

So now we're going to start this by putting a little butter into the bottom of the pan here. Now you want to make sure how much you usint because you want to remember that you're not buttering the bread. So if you don't use enough butter in the bottom of the pan, the bread is going to be subject to stick. So that's really like the last thing you want. You want to make sure that the butter amount is not exactly excessive, but still enough that it's going to prevent the bread from sticking. Now the butter is just going to be moved around in the pan a little bit, melted. And you're going to want to take a piece of bread now and just place it in the pan just like this. And of course the piece that was already cut also goes in like this. 

Now you're going to want to take and egg and crack it over the pan and the egg goes right in the middle of the piece of bread just like this. Shell goes away. Now this is going to cook up for just a couple of minutes. The egg whites are obviously going to cook white and the butter's going to be completely melted and the bread on the other side is going to be completely like a very nice golden brown on this and the piece of bread with the egg in it.

Now of course that other people have different likes and tastes of eggs, you can do it sunny side up just like we did here. You're going to attempt to do it over-easy when you flip the bread over to cook the egg on the upside. Or also if you want to do the egg over-hard is a way too so you actually have the egg broken on the plate around. So really it's all about what you like.

Now as this egg is cooking in its final second take this piece and kind of turn it over like this so you can see it plainly cooked on the other side and on the up-side it's going to be cooked a little brown, a little more. So now that this egg is done you're going to want to take this piece right out of the pan, dish it right on to your serving plate right here. Look at that it looks beautiful.

Now of course you're going to take this other piece right back out. You're going to want to put it right on top just like this, so just like the bread just came right back. Now to take this to finish it we're just going to drizzle this with some nice maple syrup just like this. Just all over the place. So just like that you've got a beautiful snack just before school. A beautiful peek a boo egg for breakfast. 

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