How to tell when fruit is ripe


How can you tell if fruit is ripe or not before you buy it? Martha Drayton of Whole Foods Market says you need to use all five senses.

How to tell when fruit is ripe


  • To pick ripe juicy pineapple, you use your vision to choose one with a golden color.
  • To pick the ripest honeydew, you use your sense of touch to feel for a waxy, soft melon.
  • To pick the best cantaloupe, thump the side and listen for a drumlike sound. The stem should slightly depress when pushed in.
  • To pick ripe strawberries, smell them. They should emit a floral fragrance.
Transcript I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Market. Customers often ask me how do I know which fruit to buy, how do I pick a ripe fruit? It’s easy if you bring your five senses with you to the market. Use your sense of vision to pick out a pineapple. You’ll want to pick a golden one as opposed to a green one. . Use your sense of touch when picking out a honeydew. Look for a waxy soft exterior. For a canteloupe, you’re going to listen to a sound, that sounds like a drum. Also, when you push in on the stem, you should see a small depression. For strawberries, you want to smell an amazing floral fragrance. If you use all of these senses, your sense of taste will be utterly delighted. I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Market for
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