How to make salmon with Thai curry sauce


Make a healthy dinner in 30 minutes with steamed Thai curry salmon, jasmine rice and fresh vegetables. Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Markets shares a simple and delicious recipe.

How to make salmon with Thai curry sauce Preparing the Thai curry marinade:
  • 2 tablespoons Thai red curry paste
  • 2 tablespoons Thai fish sauce
  • 1/2 can coconut milk

Whisk ingredients until smooth to avoid lumps of curry paste.

Marinating the Thai curry salmon fillets

  1. Place marinade in a shallow casserole or baking dish
  2. Add two salmon filets (approximately 1/3 pound each) skin side up
  3. Marinate for 15 minutes
Steaming the Thai curry salmon fillets
  1. Remove salmon fillets from marinade and place over lettuce leaves in a steamer, flesh side up.
  2. Cover the fish with remaining Thai curry marinade.
  3. Thinly slice one kaffir lime leaf, place a few pieces on top of each piece of salmon.
  4. Add cooked jasmine rice and fresh vegetables to second layer of steamer.
  5. Fill frying pan with one inch of water, bring to a boil.
  6. Fit steamer over frying pan, steam for about 5 minutes.

Vegetables should be crisp and juicy, rice should be fluffy but not gummy, and the salmon filet should be steamed through and infused with a spicy, creamy curry flavor.

Transcript Hi I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Market. Tonight I’m going to show you what my favorite fish dish is. Its steamed salmon in a spicy Thai curry sauce. The heat and flavor of the red Thai curry sauce compliments the richness of that amazing omega-3 rich salmon. It’s very easy to make.

All you have to do is take two tablespoons or red curry paste, about half a can of coconut milk, two tablespoons of fish sauce, and your going to whisk and combine them thoroughly. You incorporate all the lumps of the curry paste well into the coconut milk; otherwise you run the risk of biting into a big clump of curry paste, which would blast your head off. Your going to want to incorporate the red curry sauce until it is smooth and lump free in the coconut milk, it wont take more then a few seconds.

This is a great dish for week nights because you can have it on the table including the fifteen minute marinating time in thirty minutes., which is about as long as any pizza delivery. And this is so much better tasting, and so much better for you. Now as you can see the curry paste had been thoroughly incorporated into the coconut milk. You want to put the fish in face down so it will absorb all the rich flavors from the curry paste and the coconut milk.

It’s been fifteen minutes and our fish is ready to steam. I’m going to add about an inch of water to this steamer. And I’ve lined a bamboo container with lettuce leaves; this is going to help me de-salt the fish at the end of the cooking process. When you add the fish now to the steamer use a fish spatula, this will help me get it out of there. When you put the fish in the steamer it is important to put it skin down. The easiest way to do it is lay it down away from your end.

Whenever you’re steaming something its important not too have to much over wrap because that will interfere with the cooking process. Were going to take a little bit of his marinade and put it over the top of the salmon. And you’re going to spread it out with your spatula. As you can see here the fish fits snugly but not over wrapping and the top is covered with the Thai curry paste.

In addition to my salmon I’d like to have some rice, jasmine timed rice, some zucchini, and a little bit of red pepper. So I’ll just put the lid on and put it on the stove and it will be ready in about five minutes.

Its been five minutes and the fish is ready, our zucchini is crisp and fresh, the rice is fluffy without being gummy, and the salmon looks amazing. I’m going to garnish it with some Thai lime, it is very fragrant and adds an amazing element to this fish. We’re just going to fold it in half and cut little slivers of it. This will give the aroma of fresh lime and extract the flavor of this fish.

Now we’re going to add some of our steamed vegetables to this dish. And some rice to absorb some of that spick coconut milk. And now this looks delicious, and it was ready in fifteen minutes. It’s really good. I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods market for  
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