How to apply false eyelashes


Have you ever wanted to use false eyelashes, but didn't know how to apply them? Katrina Szish of InStyle Magazine demonstrates how to apply false eyelashes, step by step.

How to apply false eyelashes
  • Your local drugstore has a variety of false eyelashes usually under $5. Reputable brands include Ardell and Revlon.
  • Try demi lash strips--they are easier to apply than individual lashes. Demi lashes also look more natural than longer kinds.
  • Don't use the glue the package provides; it is harsher on your eyes. A great one to try is Duo adhesive glue. It is sensitive and has a darker tone that enhances the lashes.
  • Remove the lashes very gently from the packaging, they are lightly glued down so you don't want any lashes to dislodge from the strip.
  • There is a left strip and a right strip. Hold the package up to the mirror to distinguish between the two and only remove the second after you've applied the first. You don't want them to get mixed up.
  • Hold the lash strip up to your eye to check the length--it shouldn't be too long or it will be uncomfortable. Trim the ends one at a time with scissors if necessary. Demi lashes usually don't have this problem.
  • To add the glue: start at one end and squeeze very gently on the tube all along the lash line. Too much and it will be goopy; not enough and it won't stick.
  • Wait 30 seconds until glue is more sticky than wet.
  • Line the strip along your eyelid right above your natural lashes as close as you can, pressing gently. Hold for 10 seconds. Use the crimped edge of the glue tube to press along the lash line for extra hold and then you are set.
  • Don't forget that false eyelashes are disposable: throw them away after one use.

Hi I'm Katrina Szish. Today we're going to explore the art of applying fake eyelashes. It's not as hard as you think. As you can see there are many options for false eyelashes and most of them are available at your local drugstore all for about under $5. Now my personal favorites are the Ardell Fashion Lashes and these are demis that look a little 1960's inspired and you can also get them lighter and fluffier. But whatever your mood or occasion Ardell definetely has something for you.Now these are Revlon they also have similar looks, similar selections. And Elite has eyelashes. Now these are the individual ones, you just put a few on the corners of your eyes, but these are very difficult. They take a steady hand so we are not going to be talking about them today. Your best bet as a first-timer is to go for the strips.

Now the most important thing to remember is Duo eyelash adhesive is the best way to adhere any eyelashes you choose. Don't go with those little glue packages that come inside the eyelashes. They're a little bit harsh on the eyes. The Duo is very sensitive and it comes in a dark tone which you should always use because it further enhances your eyes and makes them even more gorgeous.

Okay so let's get started. The first thing you have to do although it may sound a little bit strange is properly remove the eyelashes from their case. The most important thing to remember is that these eyelashes have a little bit of adhesive on the back so you have to remove them very carefully or you may lose some of the lashes. So starting on the outside edge just very carefully and slowly pull the lash off and away from the backing.

The first thing that you want to make sure that the eyelash isn't too long for you eye. And you do that by placing the lash exactly where you want it to be. Hold it in place just like that and you can see that it fits. Now if it's a little bit too long it can be uncomfortable so what you want to do is get some scissors and clip a little bit off the end, just one lash at a time so it doesn't get too short. But usually I recommend buying the demi lashes because they're a little bit shorter and then you don't have to worry about trimming at all.

It's important to remember that there actually is a right eyelash and a left eyelash just like a pair of shoes. So to remember which is which is very simple. Only take one eyelash out of the container at a time and then hold the eyelash container up in the mirror and you can see the one you took off on the right goes on your right eye and the one on the left goes on your left eye. Now this may sound obvious but if you take them both off at the same time it's very hard to determine which lash goes on which eye.

So once you have determined the right or the left, I have my right here, it's time to add the glue. So basically you hold your lash in one hand and unscrew your Duo adhesive glue with the other and your going to apply the glue on the lash line itself very delicately and gently. Always start at one end, squeeze very gently on the tubeL. Make sure you don't do it too fast you don't want it to come out in blobs and then just very gently run the glue along the edge of the eyelash. If you don't have enough to eyelash won't stick, but if you have too much it will get very gloopy so this might take a little practice.

Now once you have the glue applied you need to wait about 30 seconds because if you put it on right away the eyelash won't stick. While we wait for the glue to dry here's one more tip: eyelashes are disposable; wear them once and throw them away. Okay you want to wait for the glue to dry again about 30 seconds and when it seems a little bit sticky it's time to put the eyelash on.

All you do is line it up with your eyelid, you want the far end of the lash to be where your own eyelashes end and you just lightly, gently press it on and hold it in place so it has time for the sticking action to work. Now you can see it's on but I want to let it dry so the edges are definetely pressed in place.

So what I recommend is taking the crimped end of your Duo surgical adhesive tube and just holding it on the edge of your lash line, focusing particularly on the outside corner and then the inside corner because if those two points are set, your eyelashes will definetely stay. Once you hold that for about five to ten seconds, you're all set and there you go.

So after you practice this just a few times you'll go from plain jane to totally gorgeous in under five minutes.

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