How to replace a broken light bulb


When a light bulb breaks in its socket, there's a little trick you need to know to remove the old bulb safely. Julie Sussman and Stephanie Glakas-Tenet, extremely competent women and authors of the Dare to Repair series show you exactly how it's done.

How to replace a broken light bulb
  1. Turn off the electricity or unplug the lamp.
  2. Take off the lampshade and hardware.
  3. Put on your safety goggles.
  4. Cut a raw potato in half.
  5. Press the potato into the broken glass as far down as it will go.
  6. Turn the potato counterclockwise until it comes out with the lightbulb.
Transcript STEPHANIE:  Hi, I’m Stephanie Glakas-Tenet.

JULIE:  And I’m Julie Sussman. We’re the co-authors of the Dare to Repair book series.

STEPHANIE: We’re the co-authors of the Dare to Repair book series.

JULIE: And were here on howdini to teach you how to replace a broken light bulb.

STEPHANIE: Before you even begin this project you wan to make sure you do is turn off the electricity, unplug the lamp.

JULIE: Right, and you want to take off the lampshade, and the harp.

STEPHANIE: And the harp.
JULIE: And then were going to tell you the tools that you need. First thing you need are safety goggles.

STEPHAINE: Very important because the glass can often shatter, last thing you want to do is injure yourself.

JULIE: Right, a knife-
STEPHANIE: And a potato. Whether you say potato or potato this spud is the tool for you.

JULIE: And this works every time. Okay, now Stephanie is going to cut the potato. And you want a raw potato not a baked potato.

STEPHANIE:  You got it. And now we are going to depress the potato on top the broken glass.

JULIE:  Right, now I’m going to step back a little because this is where the glass can shatter. That’s why you need the safety goggles.

STEPHANIE:  And all you have to do is turn it clockwise

JULIE:  Right.

STEPHANIE:  Voila. It’s that simple.

JULIE:  Amazing. Now instead of replacing it with a typical light bulb, why don’t you think about replacing it with a compact fluorescent light bulb? These bulbs can last five to seven years and save you money over that time.

STEPHANIE:  That’s right, and then when you put the harp back on its very simple.

JULIE:  So now you see you don’t have to be in the dark anymore about replacing a broken light bulb.
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