How to free a stuck window


It seems that every house has one sticky window; but when your window won't budge, the solution may only be as far away as your kitchen drawer. Julie Sussman and Stephanie Glakas-Tenet, authors of the Dare to Repair series, show you exactly how to free a stuck window.

How to free a stuck window


  1. Spray the window channels with lubricant.
  2. Run the pizza cutter all the way around the window. Be careful not to slice the wood, as the blade may be very sharp.
  3. The window should no longer be stuck; try opening it.
  4. Once the window is open, take this opportunity to clean all of the moving parts. Spray the tracks with a cleaning solution or paint thinner, and scrub it with a toothbrush or rag.
  5. You can also use some paint thinner to remove unwanted paint.
Transcript STEPHANIE: I’m Stephanie Glakas-Tenet.

JULIE: And I’m Julie Sussman.

STEPHANIE: And we’re the co-authors of the Dare to Repair series.

JULIE: And we’re here on howdini to show you how to free a stuck window.

STEPHANIE: A window can get stuck from humidity or dirt build up or even paint.

JULIE: Or all of the above.

STEPHAINE: You might think that the solution is in your toolbox.

JULIE: But actually it could be found in your kitchen drawer. It’s a pizza cutter.

STEPHANIE: The other tools that you’ll need for this project include a toothbrush, lubricating spray, a cleaning solution, a rag, sometimes a paint thinner if you have a lot of paint.

JULIE: We’re going to get started by spraying the channels with the lubricant.

STEPHANIE: Okay, now you’re going to run the pizza cutter along the window-

JULIE: But you have to be really careful because the blade is sharp and you don’t want to slice into the wood.

STEPHANIE: Okay Stephanie let’s give it a try.

JULIE: Easy, now once you have got the window open you want to take the opportunity to clean all the moving parts. You can do this with a toothbrush, some paint thinner, and also with the cleaning solution.

STEPHANIE: And you can use the paint thinner to remove some unwanted paint.

JULIE: Now it moves freely.

STEPHANIE: As you can see freeing a stuck window is a breeze.
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