How to slice mushrooms


Learn how to slice mushrooms like a pro. Marc Bauer, Master Chef at the renowned French Culinary Institute shows you how to prepare mushrooms and produce attractive mushroom slices.

How to slice mushrooms


  1. Wash mushrooms. (If exceptionally clean, a simple wipe will suffice.)
  2. Place mushrooms on the left side of your cutting surface if you are right handed.
  3. Remove the stems.
  4. Place the mushrooms flat on your cutting surface. This is the most stable position.
  5. Use any good quality knife. Japanese-style Santoku knifes are most practical for slicing.
  6. Using your right hand, hold the blade between your thumb and index finger, and wrap your other three fingers around the knife's bolster. (The thick junction between the handle and the knife blade.)
  7. Curl your fingers of your left hand into your palm and hold the mushrooms so that you can rub the knife blade against your knuckles while slicing the mushrooms. (Use this technique for all slicing. It's a safe way to prevent you from inadvertently cutting the tips of your fingers!)
  8. Push the mushrooms from left to right while slicing straight up and down.

Voila! Sliced mushrooms ready for cooking!


Hi, my name is Marc Bauer from the French Culinary Institute.  Today I'd like to show you how I slice mushrooms. And, usually I like to wash them, but if you see that they are really clean just a little wipe.  If you see that there is a little dirt to remove and in case of that don't hestitate to wash. 

Notice that if I have several items on my board it is always on my left side if I am a right- handed person.  Because I am going to use in this case a Santoku knife this is practical for slicing to remove the very edge of the mushroom. I will slice by holding it straight or flat, most stable is flat, and I go down this way.

Similar to a chef's knife I have three fingers on my bolster, hold my index and thumb on either side of the blade and go up and down.  So, what you do is with the left hand the same way as any other cuts you rub the blade against the knuckle of your left hand.  Notice you take your items from the left and push them to your right to organize your cutting board.  That's it: sliced mushroom. 

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