How to buy fresh fish


Buying fresh fish can be a little scary, if you don't know what to look for. Whole Food Market's Martha Drayton shows and tells what you need to know with how to buy fresh fish at the market

How to buy fresh fish Here are some quick tips on how to buy safe, fresh fish at the market.

  • Don’t buy fish more than 3 days after it’s caught.
  • Good fresh fish will have shiny scales.
  • Gills should be red and moist looking.
  • Eyes should appear full, not sunken.
  • Look for fresh fish that do not give off an odor of ammonia or -- for that matter -- fish. Fish that smell fishy may be spoiled.
Transcript     Hi, I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Market. Most Americans are trying to incorporate more fish into their diets, and it’s a good idea. But, many of us are concerned, how do we pick a fish that’s truly fresh?
    As a general rule of thumb, you don’t want to pick any fish that is older then three days. But there are a few tell tale signs. You want to get a fish that is shiny, and its scales are sleek. You want to get a fish whose scales are red and moist. You also want to look for eyes that are not sunken, but most important trust your nose. There should be no fishy smell. I’m Martha Drayton from Whole Foods Market for
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