How to make chocolate covered corn flakes


You've had Rice Krispie treats, of course, but you haven't lived until you've had Jacques Torres' chocolate covered corn flakes. Here the master chocolatier demonstrates how to make this outrageously delicious but simple little treat--chocolate covered corn flakes.

How to make chocolate covered corn flakes
  1. Melt chocolate in a double boiler until it reaches a temperature of 100 degrees.
  2. Pour into a large mixing bowl and temper using a rubber spatula to stir the crystallized (hardened) chocolate around the outside edges back into the center of the melted chocolate until the temperature of the mixture reaches approximately 90 degrees.
  3. Place corn flakes into second mixing bowl.
  4. Add chocolate to corn flakes - as much or as little as you prefer.
  5. Mix until cornflakes are just covered.
  6. Gather mixture to one side on the mixing bowl and spoon individual mounds onto a baking sheet covered with parchment paper or aluminum foil. (Note: If the mixture hardens beyond the point where you can finish spooning out all the mounds, use a hair dryer and blow hot air over the mixture to soften it. Don't exceed 91 to 92 degrees.)
  7. Place baking sheet into refrigerator for approximately 10 minutes. (Do not leave in for longer than 10 minutes because water may condense out of the chocolate and melt some of the sugar in the chocolate. Condensation will discolor the chocolate.)
  8. Remove chocolate-covered corn flakes from parchment paper and place on serving dish or storage container. If you are sharing with friends as gifts, place directly into small clear bags, and tie with decorative ribbon. (Optional)
Transcript Hello I am Jacques Torres from Jacques Torres chocolates for howdini. And today I’m going to show you how to do a fun easy chocolate that you can make all your friends happy with. It is corn flakes with dark chocolates. You can make that at home, then put them into a bag like that, and I guarantee you friend will love you even more. So let me show you how to do that.

The first thing is that chocolate is relatively difficult to work with if we don’t follow certain steps. The first step will be to melt the chocolate. So we put that over a double boiler and melt that chocolate. Your going to go around one hundred degrees. Now when the chocolate is melted we have to start the crystallization in order to temper the chocolates. Sounds complicated but in reality it’s pretty easy. Put the chocolate when it’s melted in a relatively cool area, perhaps with a fan on. When the chocolate starts to crystallize mix it around with a spatula and stir it bring the side to the center. With a laser thermometer see how hot the chocolate is. When the chocolate arrives around ninety degrees you can work with it. So I already do those steps with dark chocolates.

Now, next thing is to take an empty bowl and put some corn flakes in it. Just use your favorite brand, then add the dark chocolate. And you can put as much or little as you like. I like a certain consistency and I will show you that. Okay, so what I like to do is just cover the corn flakes with the chocolates. Okay, now I’m going to scrape the bowl and get everything on one side, put that here and with a spoon, grab some corn flakes and make little mounds, like that.

 And I do that on parchment paper; you can do that on aluminum foil if you don’t have any parchment paper at home. So one of the things here is if the chocolate is at the right temperature it’s going to start crystallizing, it’s going to get hard. And sometimes when we do that the chocolate gets hard before we make those little mounds. If that happens my suggestion would be to take the hair dryer and put it on hot and blow hot air over the chocolates. So the chocolate will melt a little bit but not too much. It will not get untemepered. And just don’t go above ninety-one ninety-two degrees farenheit. And then keep working with it so that is the best way to keep your chocolates at the right temperature.

Okay so almost there, and the next step is going to be putting those chocolates into the refrigerator for about ten minutes. Don’t leave chocolates too long in the fridge because when the chocolates come out we have what is called condensation on top of the chocolates. Water stars to go around the chocolates. And that water melts the sugar on the chocolates and then the color becomes ugly. So by leaving the chocolates no longer then ten minutes in the fridge you will avoid the condensation.

Okay, so now I’m done with that trey I’m going to take that to the fridge for ten minutes. Okay here we go, ten minutes later, as you can see it’s a lot of shine in the chocolates. And also the texture of the chocolates is not too big that you can’t see the corn flakes. So this is exactly the way this is supposed to look. When you take them out my suggestion would be to take some little bags and put them directly into the bag. So they don’t get scratched or anything, protect them right away. And then you take a little ribbon and put the ribbon around like that, tie it, and I always put my label on it. But you don’t have to, you can put merry Christmas or happy holidays, whatever you like on it. And it is a beautiful gift. Enjoy your holiday and eat a lot of chocolate.
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