How to make chocolate lollipops


World-famous chocolatier Jacques Torres shares his easy recipe for chocolate lollipops. Try this with your kids. You'll all have fun, and you can give the lollipops as presents if you don't eat them first.

How to make chocolate lollipops
  1. Place lollipop sticks in the lollipop mold. When using molds, the most important thing is to keep them clean.
  2. Melt and temper dark chocolate. When making chocolate lollipops Jacques uses dark chocolate made of 60% cocoa content.
  3. Pour tempered chocolate into piping bag and squeeze a small bit back into the bowl.
  4. Fill the cavities in the mold, making sure to cover a bit of the sticks. (You can spoon the chocolate directly into the molds, but using a piping bag makes the process go faster and easier.)
  5. Tap the molds slowly to make the top surface of chocolate smooth.
  6. Place the chocolate lollipops onto a rack and refrigerate for approximately 10 minutes. (Not longer or water may condense out of the chocolate and melt some of the sugar in the chocolate. This may discolor the chocolate.)
  7. Flip the molds over carefully using your hand to support the lollipops so they do not fall out. Look for dark spots in the molds where the chocolate lollipops haven't fully pulled away from the mold. By gently pulling the lollipop stick, you should be able to watch the chocolate separate neatly from the mold.
  8. Put the lollipops into individual bags and tie with a decorative ribbon.
Transcript Hello, I am Jacques Torres from Jacques Torres Chocolates for howdini. Today we are going to talk about chocolates, chocolates and kids, first let’s talk about chocolates. Dark chocolate has a lot of good things for your health, and lately we talk a lot about sixty percent seventy percent eighty percent, what is a percentage?
And that mean how much are the chocolates from the cocoa beans is in those chocolates. This chocolate is a sixty percent cocoa content, sixty percent of that comes from a cocoa bean. The rest is sugar and a little bit of licotine perhaps. Sometimes, some milk, for some milk chocolates.
Now I’m going to temper those chocolates and show you how to make lollipops, kids can do that with you it’s a fun thing. I have some mold that came from a company, Life of the Party; you can find that on the Internet. I put some chocolate baton into those mold, let me show you some mold closer here, this one. Those mold, almost disposable, they’re not very expansive. What we do is put the chocolate in here and the baton in here. We don’t put any fat into the mold, chocolate will crystallize and shrink out of the mold naturally, so just keep your mold very clean that is the most important. So I put a baton like that.

The next step is very simple you take a piping bag like that, and if you don’t want to use a piping bag you can use a spoon. Take the chocolate with the spoon and drop it into the cavity of the m old, you go a little bit faster with those piping bag. Put the chocolate into the bag just like that, then squeeze the top of the bag. And the last thing you have to do is put the chocolate in the cavities here. Remember to put a little bit of chocolate on top of the baton just like a do. Remember to temper your chocolates all the time otherwise the chocolates will never come out of the mold. Then you have to get the lollipop with the mold. The next step for that is going to be to tap those molds. So take the molds on your hands, by tapping those molds very slowly like that, the tops become very smooth.

Okay, so now I’m going to put those molds onto a rack, and then I’m going to leave them into the refrigerator for about ten minutes. So ten minutes pass and the chocolates are r ready. So the first thing that I’m going to show you is when you turn the mold you will see here a little place where the chocolates doesn’t retract yet. You see that it is a little bit darker, but I know that pulling the baton here it will retract completely; you see it happening in front of you here. That’s it now you see the molds coming out. So basically what’s happening her is that the chocolate crystallize, the chocolate shrink a little bit. And how that happens, when you melt chocolate the molecule of fat will break down, and then you have to put them back together.

Now remember you can put different color, you can put white there, this is a gift, this is a little snowflake. So you can do a lot of different things with it. Then you can put them into a little bag, put a little ribbon around it, and those are a beautiful gift to give to the family, to the friend of the kids, the school, and they are pretty fun and easy to make. Eat a lot of chocolates it is good for you, I am Jacques Torres for howdini.
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