How to reduce cellulite with exercise


Almost every woman has some cellulite and it's nearly impossible to get rid of. But you can do exercises to fight the appearance of cellulite. Chris Freytag of Prevention magazine shows us all how to do an anti-cellulite workout.

How to reduce cellulite with exercise

Chris explains that it takes a healthy diet and good exercise to reduce cellulite and shows us six exercises to get started:

Exercise 1: Squat Kick Back Exercise

  1. Stand with your feet hip-width apart, toes facing front.
  2. Sit back into an imaginary chair, keeping knees over your shoelaces. Come back up and return to starting position.
  3. Stretch one leg out behind you, then return to floor.
  4. Repeat steps above (squat movement), then use the other leg to stretch back behind you.
Squats help to reduce cellulite in your glutes and on the back side of legs.

Exercise 2: Plie Sweep Exercise

  1. Stand with feet apart, a little wider than your hips, toes facing out. Put your hands on your hips.
  2. Keeping your abs tight, bend down so your knees go over your shoelaces. Come back up.
  3. Then, sweep left leg out and across, return to starting position.
  4. Repeat step above but use your right leg to sweep out and across.
Sweeps help to reduce cellulite on the thighs and hamstrings.

Exercise 3: Lunge Exercise

  1. Begin with your hands on your sides, take your right foot forward and step into a lunge, knee over shoelaces, and other knee pointing down.
  2. Pull leg back up and sweep it behind you, into a reverse lunge. Knee should be over shoelaces with other knee pointing down. Repeat steps 1 and 2 four times.
  3. Switch legs and repeat four times.
Lunges help to reduce cellulite in your body core (stomach/abs).

Exercise 4: Curtsy and Kick Exercise

  1. Place feet hip-width apart and put hands on hips, stand tall with abs tight.
  2. Take right foot behind you, into a curtsy and bend down. Come back up, gain your balance, and kick right leg up to the side. Squeeze through your quad.
  3. Switch legs and repeat steps above.
The curtsy and kick exercises help to reduce cellulite in your stomach/ abs and lower body.

Exercise 5: The Bridge

  1. Get down on the floor, line your heels up with your glutes, and roll back down to the floor. Relax hands at your side on the floor.
  2. Tighten your abs while you lift into a bridge position, lifting your glutes up into the air and hold it.
  3. Lower down carefully, just before you touch the floor, push back up. Make sure to push your belly button into your spine.
Bridge exercises help to reduce cellulite in your stomach/ abs, glutes, and hamstrings.

Exercise 6: Bun Burner

  1. Get on all fours, stomach facing toward the floor. Place palms on the floor, wrists aligned underneath shoulders. Keep abs tight. Imagine that you’re balancing a dinner plate on your spine.
  2. Bring your right knee in toward your chest and then shoot it back out. Repeat 8 times.
  3. Staying in same position, another move is to keep your leg stretched out behind you and lift it up toward the ceiling and back down, squeezing your glutes. Repeat 8 times. Switch to the other leg and repeat.
  4. Staying in the same position, another move is while the leg is extended out, curl your leg up so your shoe hits your glutes. Repeat 8 times. Switch to the other leg and repeat.
Bun burner exercises help to reduce cellulite in your stomach/ abs, glutes, and hamstrings.
Transcript Hi, I’m Chris Freytag, eighty to ninety percent of all women have cellulite, so the good news bad news is that your not alone, but you probably have some. You may have tried some expansive creams try and reduce the appearance of your cellulite but at the end of the day it boils down to a healthy diet and some good exercise.

I’m going to show you some targeted exercised from my Fight Cellulite Fat DVD from Prevention fitness systems. To show you how to break up the fat and really tone and tighten those problem areas.

We’ll begin with a squat kick back. Put your feet about hip width apart and your toes facing front. Sit back into an imaginary chair so you keep those knees tracking over your shoelaces and squeeze through your glute’s. Come all the way back up and add that glute squeeze with your leg extended behind you. Go down in that squat again and switch legs, alternating legs. Squats are a great way to tone and tighten the backside of your legs, as well as firm your glutes. Here we go down and up, all the way down. Full range of motion is going to work to tone those muscles. All the way down a little balance right here, good, one more each side. Excellent.

Now let’s do a pleat sweep. Plie’s are a great way to tone and tighten those thighs and the hamstrings. Take your toes facing out, heals together, a little wider then hip length apart, hands right here keep you abs tight spine long. Drop down tracking those shoes over your shoelaces, and keeping your tailbone tucked underneath. As you come back up you’re going to sweep that leg across like your kicking a soccer ball. Now let’s make it a smooth move, down and up. Plie, kick, you feel your inner thigh contract. One more on this leg, right there, now the other leg. Regroup, abs tight, slide down kick across. Down, kick across, now your using an element of balance once again, keep those abs tight. And good job.

Our next exercise is the pass through lunge. Now you’re going to realize that all of these require a little bit of core balance, which is good for toning and tightening that core body. Begin with your hands on your sides and we’re going to begin with a front lunge. Take your foot forward and come down with a full range of motion, knee tracks over the shoelaces, back knee points down. Pull that leg through, balance, and go into a reverse lunge. Same thing, knee tracks over the shoelaces, back knee points down. Now I will take it up to tempo. Come up front lunge, pass through, back lunge. Right there, do about four on each side and switch. Other leg comes forward, pass it though. Those really work.

Now lets try a curtsy and kick. Place your feet about hip length apart and hands on the hips, stand tall, abs tight. Take your right foot behind you into a curtsy and bend down. Now be mindful of that knee and track you knee over your shoelaces. Come up gain your balance and kick out to the side, squeeze though your quad. Try it again; down and up, you got to breath. Working those lower body muscles, down and up. Now let’s try to the other side. Take the other foot behind you, curtsy down, keep your knee tracking over your shoelaces and kick back up. Right there, you have that element of balance right here. One more there you go.

Now we’re going to move it down to the floor for a few more targeted low body exercises. Here we go, come on down and align your heals up with your glute’s, and then roll down to the floor, carefully, hands relaxed at your sides. Now engage you glute’s and tighten your abs as you lift up into a bridge position. You’re going to squeeze up, lift that whole body up. One piece of torso, pull your belly up to your spine and squeeze those glute’s. You’re going to feel it in the buns and the hamstrings. Lower down carefully and just before you hit the floor push back up. Breathe; pull the belly button up to the spine so you’re getting a bonus abdominal workout as well. Squeeze, down almost and back up. Keep your hips steady east to west. And last one right there, way to go, dropping back down to the mat carefully. Come up to a seated position then up to all fours for our last exercise called the bun burner. And you will feel this.

Get those wrists underneath those shoulders, knees underneath the hips. Abs tight, nice long spine. You want to imagine your balancing a dinner plate right on your spine so you got that core body tight. Take your right knee draw it right into your chest and shoot it back out like a mule kick, your squeezing your glute’s. Keep your hips facing the floor. Do that several times and then go into your glute squeeze. Leg lift, it’s a straight leg lift. Right there you feel it in those buns. And our last move is a ham curl. Curl the foot in, curl it up you feel it in the back of the legs, that problem spot. Excellent job, do about eight of each, and the switch to the other leg. Do your mule kick, do about eight, then your straight leg, glute squeeze, and then your ham curl. Excellent job, and then stretch back. Try these moves three times a week, remember to eat healthy, and you will see results. Of course you need to stay consistent.
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