How to plant perennials


Creating a beautiful garden takes a little research, a lot of elbow grease and healthy, well-nourished plants. Here's how to plant perennials, according to gardening expert Kristin Schleiter.

How to plant perennials
  1. Scrap away any mulch so you can plant in the soil rather than the mulch. (mulch does not retain water like soil)
  2. Dig a hole that is twice the size of the perennial and twice the size that it is tall.
  3. Add your compost to the soil that you have removed.
  4. Remove the perennial from the pot by squeezing the sides and turning the plant over.
  5. Tease the roots by removing the bottom layer of soil to expose the roots.
  6. Place the perennial in the hole you have dug. (make sure the crown of the plant is above the soil line)
  7. Back fill the soil you have removed so it covers the perennial.
  8. Pull the mulch back over the soil to help retain the water.
  9. Water your perennials with enough water to reach the lower root level.



  • Make sure you plant your perennials far enough apart to allow for maximum growth.
  • To determine whether you need to water you can stick your finger into the soil and if it is dry up to your middle knuckle then you need to water.
  • Water a ½" to 1" a week depending on where you live and how hot it is and what time of year.
  • First season is most important for watering.
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