How to re-pot a plant


If you want your potted plants to thrive, they'll need the right size pot. Gardening editor Kristin Schleiter shows you how to re-pot a plant.

How to re-pot a plant
  1. Place the shard/rock over the hole in the bottom of the pot. (Do not completely block up the hole.)
  2. Place a few scoops of soil in the pot.
  3. Take the plant out of the pot it is currently in.
  4. Loosen the soil on the bottom of the plant and tease the roots. (If there are any roots wrapped around the plant you will need to tease them or cut them.)
  5. Place the plant in the pot.
  6. Fill in the spaces around the plant with soil. (Press down the soil gently to fill any gaps but do not pack it in too tight.)
  7. Water the plant thoroughly until water comes out of the hole at the bottom.


  • Make sure the plant sits just below the top of the pot so water does not just run off.
  • It is better to water fewer times thoroughly than to water just a little bit more frequently.
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Hi I’m Kristin Schleiter with and today I’m going to show you how to re-pot a plant. The things that you’ll need are a shard or large stones to cover the hole. A pot, a pot that is one size larger then the pot the plant is currently in. Some soil, nicer friable planting soil, I’ve chosen one that has fertilizer already mixed in so we don’t have to bother with fertilizing as well. And of course, you need a plant. This one is getting a little tight in this plant and its ready to have a nice pretty pot to sit in.

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First thing I’m going to do is take a shard and place it over the hole in the bottom of the pot making sure that you don’t completely block up the hole. Water still needs to be able to get out of it or it will drowned. Next you take a look at how big the pot is currently in and how big the pot is that your going to put it in. You want to make sure that the plant is going to be sitting at the same height as the soil, so your going to have to put soil in the pot first.

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That looks like about enough soil. The next step is to take the plant out of the pot it’s currently in. This is a plastic pot so it is going to be easy to do. If it were a terracotta pot, a little harder, you’re going to have to use some elbow grease. And sometimes when it’s been in there a long time you may need to break the pot. With this plastic pot its simple; give it a couple of good thumps to loosen the pot. Then out the plant pops. You want to loosen the soil at the bottom, check turn the plant around, make sure there aren’t any roots going all around the soil. If there are you need to tease them out or just cut them, it wont hurt the plant at all, it will just grow some new roots. Now its time to pop it in its pot.

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Pop it in, and that looks about the right height. When you’re putting a plant in a pot you don’t want to out it to the top level of the pot. When you try and water it water will just flow right out. We’re going to back fill with our potting soil, making sure to push it down loosely. You don’t want to pack it in cause that will take all the air out of the soil, but you do want to make sure there aren’t any big giant holes down in there. Quick shake and a tap to settle it in their, and that’s it.

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font size="2">The last step is to give the plant a drink of water. You want to make sure to water it thoroughly until water comes out the bottom of the pot. It is much better to water fewer times thoroughly, then to water frequently and just a little bit. Well, that’s it, now this plant is ready to go sit inside the house and make the room feel green and lovely. I’m Kristin Schleiter with

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