How to wire a flower


Flowers with lovely, graceful curves often have a secret helper - wire. Rebecca Cole shows you how to wire a flower to shape it for any bouquet.

How to wire a flower
  1. To make a straight, long-stemmed rose curve, cut a piece of wire about a foot long.
  2. Push it through the stem just under the head of the flower, leaving one third of the wire on one side and two thirds on the other.
  3. Take the short side and wrap it around the stem.
  4. Then take the long end of the wire and wrap it in the opposite direction very tightly. When it’s wired, you can gently press down on the wire so that it bends and the wire holds the new shape.
  5. Take the newly curved flower and place it in your arrangement, wherever you need a flower that gracefully curves down.
Transcript Hi I’m Rebecca Cole for and I’m going to teach you a little trick of the trade. Sometimes when we get our flowers they’re perfectly straight. They look really beautiful, but I might want them to curve a little. Why do they do this? Because now we’ve hybrided some of these roses and the flowers that we use all the time to such a degree that they’ll last really long, but they don’t have all those gentle curves that we were used to in the old-fashioned flowers.

So let’s say I have this beautiful arrangement here and I’d like this flower to stick out like this. So how do you get that really straight flower? To do that really nice curve? With wire. You want a pretty sturdy gage, um, because you need to really be able to bend the stem. I’m going to cut about a foot of wire. Then I’m going to take the rose and just as the head meets the stem, we’re going to take the wire and stick it in, just push it all the way through. It won’t hurt the rose. And I’m going to take about one-third of it out this side, leave two-thirds this way.  And now start wrapping the one-third around the stem. Just wrap, wrap, wrap in one direction until you’re out of that wire. And now I’m going to take the other two-thirds part and wrap it in the opposite direction. Nice tight wrap; you see that it’s going to make a little criss-cross grid as you wrap it. I like holding my fingers tight against the wire, against the stem and turn the stem of the rose. And you’ll wrap that all the way down. So now that’s going to go a little bit longer than your other part. And now I’m going to take my straight stem and gently start bending it using basically the force of the wire to both hold it so it won’t break, and to keep it in place once you make the bend. And now we have a lovely curved stem. So you take that little nice curve and you stick it right on the side of the vase, and no one would know that it didn’t grow that way. And that’s going to work with any of your stiff stem flowers like a dahlia or a peony. Or a beautiful rose.
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