How to housebreak a puppy


Housebreaking a puppy means training for you, too. If you follow dog expert Tracie Hotchner's simple rules, you'll have your puppy going where he's supposed to, and not on the carpet, in no time.

How to housebreak a puppy
  • You can housebreak any puppy in 24 hours.
  • YOU are the one who has to be housebroken, really.
  • All puppies have little bladders and need to urinate often.
  • Before and after every activity — from napping to playing to eating, whatever — pick the puppy up and take it outside to the same spot each time so he can make a piddle.
  • Tell him to hurry up, and praise him when it does the right thing. Don’t break the rules, and your puppy won’t break them either.
Transcript One of the things that everybody with a new puppy wants to know is: how do I housebreak? It's really simple. You can housebreak any puppy in twenty-four hours. It's you who needs to be housebroken, not the puppy. Every puppy has a little bladder. No matter what they do, they need to pee before and after they do it. So if they're sleeping, you pick them up and take them out to the same place every time so they can tinkle. Then you play with them a bit always under your own supervision before you put them back in their crate or their pen. Again you take them out to the same place to make another piddle. Same thing with before and after they eat. Same thing before and after they do anything. When they play with each other and someone else. They can't go very long without peeing, so everytime that they wake up or play or eat, give them a chance to go before and after in the same place. Praise them, tell them hurry up, hurry up, and you will have a housebroken puppy in twenty-four hours. Don't break the rules and they won't break the rules. Good luck!
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