How to make cookie parfaits with kids


Looking for a fun and easy kids' dessert you can make together? Using a few simple ingredients, including chocolate pudding and whipped cream, teenage chef Justin Miller shows you his own recipe for how to make cookie parfaits with kids.

How to make cookie parfaits with kids
  1. Place six to eight Oreos (or other cookies) in a Ziploc bag. With a rolling pin, a large spoon, or a small hammer, pound the cookies into small pieces.
  2. Put a heaping tablespoon of cookie bits into plastic cups or glasses.
  3. Combine pudding and whipped cream until thoroughly mixed.
  4. Fill the cup about a third full on top of the cookie bits, then layer on more cookie bits, more pudding. Finish with cookie crumbs on top.
  5. Garnish with a gummy worm or dinosaur.
Transcript Hello, this is chef Justin with Today I’m going to show you a very simple desert that will taste great, and it is very easy to make. For this desert you can really make it with anybody who is over your house for either a party, or with your children and family members. Its great.

You take some instant chocolate pudding, some gummy dinosaurs, snakes, bears, whatever you can find, some whip cream, and everybody’s, America’s favorite cookie, Oreo. Your going to start, we’re just going to take these Oreo’s and we’re going to smash them up in this Ziploc bag. Your going to put them in here just like this. Now using this you can use a spoon, a rolling pin, you can use whatever you want. Your going to put the cookies in, you want to make sure that most of the air is out so it doesn’t come blowing out at you.

So when you get the cookies in the bag this is where the children can start having fun. As you know, you grab a rolling pin, you grab a spoon, you grab whatever. And you start beating the heck you know its like your in your room, your mad at your mom, you grounded me for a week. So now that you have the cookies smashed you’re going to take this bag and unzipper it like so. And your going to take one of these plastic cups you have here, and your going to want to put a spoon full of these, a tablespoon full of these on the bottom of the cup. You’re going to want to set these cookies aside for just a minute.

And now, if you remember when I mentioned the chocolate pudding and the whip cream. Your going to take this and combine the two ingredients together, just like this. Your going to want to mix these together, just like this. So your mixing the whip cream that we had as well as the chocolate pudding. This makes the pudding really light, really frothy, and just not so rich in flavor. Its really a little bit of a less intense rich tasting chocolate pudding.

So we’re finished whipping and of course we have the tablespoon of Oreo’s in the bottom of the cup. And your going to want to continue layering this mixture in the cup until the cup is about three quarters full. Your going to want to put this, again this is chocolate pudding and whip cream mixed together just right to about here. Your going to want to take more of these chocolate cookies and your going to want to put them right on top, just like this. Make it look really nice. And again going back to the gummy worm, gummy dinosaur, or gummy snake whatever you have. Just take one and place it right on top like this. Right happy in his little dirt there. And you have a beautiful chocolate desert that everybody in the family is going to love.
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