How to create fuller lips


Achieve that full pout you've been craving with a few insider tips from a professional. Makeup artist Vinnetta Scrivo shows you how to get fuller lips without going to the doctor!

How to create fuller lips
  1. Gently exfoliate your lips with a toothbrush and a little Vaseline.
  2. Work in circular motions around the lip.
  3. Place lip plumper around the lips, extending outside the lip line a bit.
  4. Use lip fix around the lip line so your lipstick does not feather.
  5. Use a flesh or pink-toned lip liner close to your skin tone and trace just above and below the lip line.
  6. Fill in the entire lip area with the lip liner.
  7. Apply lipstick within the line you created with the lip liner. Use a more sheer-colored lipstick for fuller lips.
  8. Apply a shiny (gold or silver) lip gloss to the center of the lower lip as well as in the middle of your upper lip.

Hi, I’m Vinnetta Scrivo, and I am going to show you how to make your lips look fuller.
We have our model Liesel here, and I am going to demonstrate on Liesel a few things that you can do to have a fuller pout.

The first thing that is great is to exfoliate your lips; a quick and easy way to do this is take a toothbrush, put a little Vaseline on it and work in circular motions around the lip, exfoliating the lip. Exfoliation is very, very important, and it brings blood to the surface and it actually helps to create that fuller pout. It preps the skin so that the lipstick goes on nice and smooth.

Then we use a lip plumper, and this is wonderful. This is one of my favorite products. It’s by Dr. Perricone, and you can put it all over the lip and extending outside the lip line. Just like this. This product has caffeine in it, it actually brings a lot of circulation to the mouth and that creates a fuller pout, bringing blood to the surface of the lip.

Then my next step is to use Lip Fix, which is by Shu Uemura, which I really love. This helps to create a barrier for the lipstick. Use it just on the lip line so that the lipstick doesn’t feather and that the lipstick stays on longer; and it helps to sort of smooth out any fine lines that you may have.

Now that you have the proper canvas to start, the lips are hydrated; they are moisturized and you have your lip plumper on. Then you want to use a flesh or pink-toned lip liner, and you want it to be very close to your skin tone because what you’re going to be doing is creating a little bit of a different line on your lips. You are going to be extending … I will show you. You need to just go right above the lip line, very slightly, almost creating just a little bit of a larger top lip and the same on the bottom. And when you use a lip pencil that is the same color as your skin or close to it, then it’s a much more natural look. So we want it to just go right underneath and then fill the whole — just look straight — you can fill the whole lip line in. This is really going to keep your lipstick on a lot longer as well.

Now we have created our base. Now we’re going to add the lipstick, and I love lip stains; they stay on a long time and you have more longevity with this; and it’s a sheer coverage, it’s not too matte and if you want your lips to look a little fuller, it’s best to use a more sheer lipstick as opposed to matte. And I really urge you to use a lip brush. I am just painting on the lip color following the line that I created. It looks great, very pretty.

Another trick is to take something shimmery, either gold or silver, and put it right in the center of the lip. You can use eye shadow or lip gloss. I love this lip gloss, it has a little bit of silver shimmer, and if you just add it to the very center of the bottom lip it really creates that illusion of a bigger pout. You can also take the same gloss and, just in the cupid’s bow, highlighting that area where the light will hit it; and that will really create a fuller lip on top.

And there we have it; a juicier, plumper lip on Liesel, and this is something that you can create as well.
I’m Vinnetta Scrivo for howdini.

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