How to shape your eyebrows


Uni-brow, fuzzy caterpillar brows, bushy brows--we all know these are fashion don'ts. But do you know how to shape your eyebrows correctly for your face? Professional makeup artist Vinnetta Scrivo shows you how it's done.

How to shape your eyebrows
  1. Brush your eyebrows up in order to trim them.
  2. Pull the skin above your eyebrow taut and use small scissors to carefully trim the hairs along the top of your eyebrow that are too long.
  3. Brush your eyebrows down toward your eye.
  4. Once again, use your scissors to carefully trim any hair that is too long.
  5. Take a pencil and place it on the side of your nose to the inside corner of your eye.
  6. Use tweezers to remove any hairs to the outside of the pencil.
  7. Take the pencil again and this time place it from the tip of your nose to the outside corner of your eye.
  8. Remove any hair that is beyond the pencil with tweezers. Use your tweezers to remove hairs on the interior of the eyebrow. (Be sure not to over-tweeze.)
  9. Move into the arch of the eyebrow and continue to tweeze the hairs exposing the brow bone. This provides lift to your eyebrow and face.
  10. Remove any excess hairs with your tweezers that may be above your eyebrow.
  11. Add highlighter to the brow bone for added effect if you so desire.

Hi I'm Vinnetta Scrivo for howdini and I'm here to show you how to shape your eyebrows.

We have our model Lucy here. As you can see it's very important to shape your eyebrows properly because they do frame the face. And you can see Lucy, we've done her right eyebrow and this is a very beautiful shape for her face shape. And the left eyebrow is not done yet. That's what we're going to work on and show you how to shape your own eyebrow. 

And if you just look forward Lucy--that's where your eyebrow should start. Anything over in this area should be tweezed out. And where the eyebrow should end should be the tip of your nose to the corner of your eye. And that's where your eyebrow should end. And that is the basic shape. So you always want to start from the inner corner going out, working outward. And you want to go row by row. And that's really the best way.

And also you should trim your eyebrows. And always brush them up, and if anything it's sort of longer than it should be, you can just trim. You can take small scissors and just pick up the eye a little bit so it's taut and trim whatever you see that's just a tad too long. Then, you can also brush them down...and trim underneath. You have to be very careful doing this. Have a steady hand. So we'll just trim that.

Now we're going to start with the tweezing.  So following the guideline that I mentioned, the eyebrow should start right about there. So I'm just going to remove those few hairs on Lucy and open up that eye area for her. And now we can really see those beautiful blue eyes that she has.

So now I'm going to show you from the tip of the nose to the corner of the eye is where you want the eyebrow to end. It's just a few hairs on Lucy that I'm going to tweeze to make sure that line is perfect. As you have the proper dimension for where the eyebrow should start, you should really start tweezing down there and then have it swoop over just a little bit. You don't want that to be perfectly straight up. You want it to be up and over. And then, focusing on the end of the eyebrow, as you see, that's a much better place for that eyebrow to end. And once you start tweezing the interior of the eyebrow, the brow bone is exposed and it creates an instant lift. So it's a very youthful tool that you have if you have the right shaped eyebrow.

So now I'm going to start tweezing the interior of the eyebrow going row by row. Don't over-tweeze. That is probably the number one problem that I've seen. People over-tweeze their eyebrows. If anything under-tweeze; less is more. And if you find that you have hairs above your eyebrow that you don't like, there's no reason why you cannot tweeze them out. Just make sure you follow the same line as you would underneath. 

Now we're really going to go into the arch and this is a very important part because you want to expose that browbone. You want to bring lift to the eye area. And another trick you can do when applying your makeup is added a little bit of highlighter to the brow bone. And you even go into the inner corners of the eye and even on top of the cheekbone. 

As you can see shaping Lucy's eyebrows today, it's really opened up her eye area and it looks beautiful and it's so important to have the right shape for your eyebrow so go to a professional make-up artist, have them shape your eyebrows and then you can follow the line that they've created for you.

Well that's it. I'm Vinnetta Scrivo for howdini. 

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