How to make a beautiful satin bow


The right presentation can turn even grocery store flowers into a delightful gift. Floral and interior designer Rebecca Cole shows you how to make a beautiful satin bow for a bouquet.

How to make a beautiful satin bow Step 1. Use a wide satin ribbon (about 2-1/2 inches wide) that is wired on the sides. Use more ribbon than you think is necessary to make the bow more voluptuous. 

Step 2. Instead of tying the ribbon into a bow, form loops by pinching in the center.

Step 3. Fasten the center with a piece of wire by wrapping it around the ribbon a couple of times. After a few wraps, twist the end of the wire.

Step 4. Leaving long ends, either use the wire to fasten to a package or bouquet, or just tuck them in.

Step 5. Then adjust the loops, cut any excess ribbon you don't want, and set as you like.


Hi, I’m Rebecca Cole for howdini, and I’m going to show you how to tie a beautiful bow, and how to then attach it to a bouquet if you like to, or you can attach it to a present.

We’ve already made this nice arrangement and just tied it around. But instead of using this same ribbon to make the beautiful bow, it’s going to be easier if you take another ribbon. I particularly like a big fat ribbon — about 2-1/2 inches. Buy the ribbon that has the wire on the sides because that’s going to help you get a nice beautiful bow.
At the end you can cut the ribbon off of it, but I’m going to just take the first part and make a little taper. Now you’re going to use a whole lot more ribbon than you think because we really want to make a voluptuous bow. Instead of tying it, what we’re going to do is pinch it.

So basically, you first take one little loop like this and pinch. Take the other side — loop around and pinch, other side — loop around and pinch, loop, pinch, loop, pinch. And you keep doing this for as long as you either have ribbon, you have patience, or for however long you would like your beautiful bow, or for however thick you would like your beautiful bow to be. That’s about enough.

I’ve just kept my finger at the center and had these loops be relatively even. It doesn’t matter right now exactly where they’re positioned, because we’re going to be able to adjust it. We’re going to cut it off — probably not perfectly cut off yet; we’ll do that later. And then you’re just going to take a little piece of wire and right where you are holding onto the center, we’re going to wrap that wire around. I like to wrap it around a couple of times at the center. After a few wraps you’re going to do a little twist, right there. Twisty, twisty — okay.

So there, we’ve got a bow with a wire. We might use the wire to attach it, so don’t cut it off yet. You might not have to.

Now what we want to do is make a few little adjustments to it so that it’s one big fat beautiful bow or however you’d like it.

So now we’re going to attach this bow to this. I’m going to use the strings that I’ve left open, and I won’t use this wire. Another way to do it is you could wire it around, but I don’t want to see that wire. So I’m going to just tuck this wire in and put it right over the knot. Take the ribbon ... you can see this brown is slightly different than the other, which I did on purpose because I think it looks kind of cool. And you just tie it right at the center over the wire with a knot nice and tight. Now we’re going to do one more knot because we really want this tight. And this also has wire.

Now we can make all of our pretty adjustments to hide anything or move anything in the front and center.

So there we go. This is just a little bit too long right here. I like to still cut the really nice sharp angles. I would like it a little different length than the other one.

So, a really beautiful — but not difficult to make — bow.
I’m Rebecca Cole for howdini.

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