How to rekindle your sex life after having a baby


For many women, a new baby means your whole life changes--including your sex life. How do you keep romance alive when all you want to do when you get into bed is sleep? Therapist Rachel Sussman has tips to help you rekindle your sex life after the baby comes.

How to rekindle your sex life after having a baby A new baby can wear you out and make you crave more sleep, but feeling sexy is the last thing on your mind. Once the mother has healed after giving birth it is important that you discuss how to reintroduce sex into your life. Rachel has several tips for mom and dad to help revive their sex life after having a baby.
  • Communicate with your partner and discuss what is going on with changes to your sex life. Keep an open forum to discuss your sex life after having your baby and remember that compromise is essential to any relationship.
  • Include the father in the equation of mother and baby—he can sometimes feel left out of the mommy-baby bonding experience. Make him feel more involved.
  • Getting enough sleep, eating well and exercising will all help rekindle your sex life. It’s important to take good care of yourself in addition to the baby.
  • It’s important for the husband to remember his wife as a sexual being and to let her know that. He should tell his wife that he is attracted to her, how beautiful she looks, how much he loves her, and how proud of her he is.
  • Schedule a date night. If your husband wants to have sex and there never seems to be the right time, discuss when the right time might be to have sex. It's okay to plan it sometimes.
  • Once you get into the practice of bringing sex back into your relationship after having a baby, set aside time for each other after the baby is in bed. It will seem like less work and will feel more natural and spontaneous.

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