How to wrap a gift


All thumbs when it comes to wrapping gifts? Howdini is pleased to present "gift wrapping 101," with Nilda Garcia, the undisputed queen of the perfectly wrapped present at the famed Kate's Paperie.

How to wrap a gift
  1. Cut the wrapping paper so there is a 2-inch border that is larger than your box.
  2. Place the box upside down in the center of the wrapping paper.
  3. Fold one end of the wrapping paper to the center of the box and secure with tape.
  4. Place a piece of double-faced tape on the opposite side of the wrapping paper and fold to center of box.
  5. Gently smooth tape to secure wrapping paper.
  6. On one end of the box take the wrapping paper and fold it against the box.
  7. Make a crease on the top and bottom sections of the wrapping paper.
  8. Do the same to the other side.
  9. Fold the top half of the wrapping paper down.
  10. Apply a piece of tape to secure the wrapping paper.
  11. Fold in the edge of the bottom piece of wrapping paper.
  12. Apply 1-2 pieces of double-faced tape to the inside of the wrapping paper.
  13. Fold the bottom section up and smooth out the double-faced tape to secure to the end of the box.
  14. Repeat steps 6-13 for the opposite end of the box.

RON: Hi, everyone, I’m Ron Corning with Howdini, and today we are learning to wrap with a W-R because, if your packages look like this … Have you given anyone a package that’s wrapped like this: in the actual bag that it came in? Well, you’re in trouble, and you’ve come to the right place.
We are here with Nilda. She’s from Kate’s Paperie here in New York City. It is the place to go for wrapping, and you are the person to do the wrapping. Nilda, thank you; and we are going to start here with something very basic. You have to give me props: I used kind of the seam of the bag to almost make what would be a bow on the top.

NILDA: So OK, let’s take this out, and use this as the example. This is kind of an extreme example, but the fact is a lot of people don’t know how to wrap, and it might look equally as bad as that.

RON: All right, so what do we start with here?

NILDA: A piece of paper that would basically be about a little longer or wider than the length of the box. So this will be perfect.

RON: So how long do you want it, because I’ve seen situations when the paper’s out to here — you try to cut it?

NILDA: Usually about two inches, so that if you make any mistakes and you just need to adjust, you’ll have enough space. So then we’re going to reverse the package because this will be your back. Hold this down; use a piece of tape. And, so that the tape won’t be seen on the outside of the package, use double-sided tape on the other side.
Now this is a trick, you put the double-sided tape on here on the inside seam on this edge.

RON: Is it easy to get double-sided tape? Is it available just about every place?

NILDA: Sure, Scotch sells it and a few other companies; but theirs seems to be the strongest and the best.

RON: OK, so when you fold it over, there’s no need for a piece of tape here on the outside seam?

NILDA: No, they’ll be nice and clean.

RON: So we’ve turned the package this way so you can see that two inches you were talking about. Now I’m inclined, in my limited wrapping experience, to go like this and bring everything in; and you say no that’s not the right way to do it.

NILDA: Right, it would just leave it very bulky and not very clean; and to make it neater, you would do, sort of, as if you were designing an envelope. Take one end, hold it against the box, and then make a crease with your paper on the top and bottom. Do the same thing on the opposite side, top and bottom. Then bring the top half down; and you don’t have to rub the edges of the box, as it actual leaves it looking neater and cleaner if you don’t do that.

RON: And any of the excess is just folded up into the seam.

NILDA: It will just be folded up. And to keep the package neat, what I would do is just take a little piece of tape, and just put a little dab there because it will hold the whole thing in place.

RON: Because your own hands can get in the way.

NILDA: Fold this in, and then fold the end up, and it will be nice and clean, neat, on the top. Take your double-sided tape, put a piece on here.

RON: So, the double-sided tape again.

NILDA: Tape is OK if it’s decorative; but it’s not necessary to show it. I don’t think you really need to advertise it. Just rub it up, and do the same thing on the opposite side. Point, and push this in.

RON: And it doesn’t matter that there was a little more on this side; because by the time you fold this in, it will equal it out, and it looks exactly the same. There’s my contribution for the day, how’s that Nilda?

NILDA: It’s great.

RON: All right, quick and simple and looks great. Nilda, thank you. From Kate’s Paperie here in New York City and, of course, more information on the perfect bow. We have that for you as well — elsewhere on howdini. I’m Ron Corning. Thanks for being here.


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