How to wrap stuffed animals


Wrapping a stuffed animal or plush toy can result in a lumpy package that's anything but enticing to open. Gift wrapping pro Nilda Garcia of Kate's Paperie in New York shows you how to create a fun new shape that makes what's inside the package a complete surprise.

How to wrap stuffed animals
  1. Place the stuffed animal in the tissue paper.
  2. Wrap the tissue paper around the stuffed animal and secure with a piece of tape.
  3. Flip the stuffed animal around so the taped seam is on the bottom.
  4. Wrap the stuffed animal again in another piece of tissue paper and secure with a piece of tape.
  5. Roll the cellophane out on the table and place the stuffed animal that you have wrapped in tissue paper in the middle, leaving 8-10 inches of excess cellophane at the ends.
  6. Fold the cellophane over the top of the stuffed animal and cut the end.
  7. Take a piece of double-sided tape and place it on the inside panel of the cellophane and fold to the top of the package.
  8. Take another piece of double-faced tape and do the same to the opposite side of the package.
  9. Twist one of the ends of cellophane and wrap a piece of tape around the part you have twisted to secure.
  10. Repeat step 9 on the opposite end.
  11. Take your wired ribbon and cut it into 2 pieces approximately 12 inches long.
  12. Tie both pieces on the ends of the package making a knot.
  13. Fold the ends of the ribbon together and cut at an angle away from your self to form a point.
  14. Repeat step 13 for the ribbon on the opposite end.
  15. Trim the ends of the cellophane so it is neat and clean.

RON: I’m Ron Corning with howdini, and we have wrapping solutions. Maybe you’ve graduated past the old basic box here, and you’re ready for some troubleshooting. Well, we have the solutions for you.

We’re here with Nilda. She’s with Kate’s Paperie in New York City, and we’re starting with a fat cat. Which would make a nice gift for anybody, a birthday or holiday. But it’s one of those things where you might be inclined to think “just put it in a box and wrap the box.” You say, “Not so.”

NILDA: No, if you happen to have some clear cellophane, which you can find at your local drug store or art supplies store; even Kate’s sells it, and we have it in a variety of colors. You can take the toy or little cat, and you can wrap it up as though it were a piece of candy, so that no one will see him, by using tissue.

We’ve got an example of it what looks like when you just wrap him in just cellophane, but that surprise element might be lost in that. So, you just wrap him in tissue paper.
You take the tissue paper, and you’re going to roll him up. Use a piece of tape. We’re going to reverse it, because you do want it to be a surprise. So I’m going to try to cover him up as much as possible.

RON: So the seam from the first piece of paper is on the bottom, and then you’re wrapping it back up around.

NILDA: And you’re going to hold that … and another piece of tape there. Then the whole idea of this is, it’s almost as though it’s going to be a giant piece of candy. I’m going to take my cellophane, open this up, laying it on the table so that I can have two ends, at least.

RON: How much extra room do you need on each end, would you say?

NILDA: Well, I assume now, since we’re going to hold it tight, at least eight to 10 inches. So we really don’t have to cut this half; we can actually go over the package again, and over there. Then I’ll trim it on this end. Then we’re going to hold this down; it’s going to lay flat like this. I’m going to take my double-sided tape, put a piece on there, and hold this flat.

Again, this is the double-sided tape available in any drug store, and it allows you to not have the tape on the outside.

Bring that across, same on the opposite side; fold it in, double-sided tape goes here, so we have the look of … gather this on one end, just regular tape on this. You just sort of bunch it, so that we can just hold it in place, and just wrap the tape around it so until it meets on the other side. Do the same thing on this side.

RON: And trust me: If I can do it, anybody can do it.

NILDA: OK, let’s take two equal pieces of ribbon.

RON: So now, is this wire ribbon again that you’re using?

NILDA: Yes, this is also wire ribbon.

RON: So it’s got just a little thin wire?

NILDA: Yes, so it will hold and have a nice little shape and form. I’m going to cut two pieces about 12 inches. And we’re going to take that and tie it to there, just cross it.

RON: So nothing fancy here, just a basic tie like a shoelace. Do I tie it twice?

NILDA: You can make a knot; just make a knot, and we’re going to hold the ends together and we’re going to cut out to a point.

And I’ll demonstrate over on this side. So you just put it together, and you want to cut out like that away from yourself, so you can finish off at an angle. So, when you open it up...

So now you’ve got our little element of surprise.

RON: Now I can see, and then you can sort of do this because of the wire: You can bunch it up.

NILDA: I’m going to trim my ends so it’ll be neat and clean. There you go; it looks like a giant candy.

RON: Now can you imagine hours and hours of, OK what’s in this? What is this? Which is exactly the idea.

NILDA: Sort of what you want the kids to do.

RON: Good stuff, Nilda, thank you so much. Nilda is with Kate’s Paperie here in New York City, and I’m Ron Corning with howdini.

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