How to gift wrap a champagne bottle


Anyone can slip a bottle of champagne into a gift bag and call it wrapped. But Nilda Garcia of Kate's Paperie in New York shows how to make a special gift-wrap for a wine or champagne bottle.

How to gift wrap a champagne bottle
  1. Place the champagne bottle at an angle in the center of two pieces of colored tissue paper.
  2. Fold the bottom right corner of the tissue paper in towards the champagne bottle.
  3. Fold the upper right corner of the tissue paper over the top of the champagne bottle.
  4. Roll the champagne bottle from right to left while holding the bottom of the tissue paper to keep it level with the base of the champagne bottle.
  5. Cut a piece of cellophane large enough to cover the entire champagne bottle.
  6. Place the champagne bottle laying down in the center of the cellophane.
  7. Roll the champagne bottle and cellophane to encompass the entire bottle, leave 2-3 inches of excess cellophane at the base of the champagne bottle.
  8. Secure together with double-sided tape.
  9. Take a couple pieces of double-sided tape and place it on the tissue paper that is still exposed at the base.
  10. Fold in the excess cellophane to secure it to the double-sided tape.
  11. Stand your champagne bottle up and gather the cellophane and tissue paper together at the top and wrap a piece of tape around them to hold together.
  12. Cut a piece of wire ribbon about 16” long and tie a bow around the top.
  13. Cut the ends of the ribbon at an angle.

RON: I’m Ron Corning with howdini, and we are here with wrapping solutions. Did you ever try to wrap a bottle of champagne as a gift? You probably think it’s nearly impossible, unless you take tips from me. I’m here, by the way, with the wizardess of wrapping — that’s your new title, Nilda, did you know this? Nilda is from Kate’s Paperie. Here’s how I would wrap it. Happy holidays.

NILDA: Thank you.

RON: Not so great, right?

NILDA: No, sir.

RON: But it’s easy access.

NILDA: Yes, totally.

RON: So you’re here to show exactly how to wrap a bottle of champagne. I don’t think I ever got a bottle of champagne wrapped. Typically, people just sort of put a ribbon on it and give it to you; or they put it in one of those bags.

NILDA: Right, but let’s just say we don’t have a bag, but we happen to have two pieces of beautiful, glittering tissue. I’m doubling the tissue, once again, so this can be a surprise. I’m going to put my bottle of champagne or wine in the center.

RON: Sort of at an angle.

NILDA: At an angle. I’m going to bring my other end across, then I’m going to try to hold the paper so when I roll it, the bottom will still be flat.

RON: So, I was on to something. I knew there was some rolling involved somewhere. So, the way you fold it to meet, sort of the bottom of the bottle, allows you to wrap it.

NILDA: So you can stand the bottle up. Just to finish cleaning this up, I’m going to take this cellophane once more.

RON: And cellophane is widely available. You can get it at your store or drugstores.

NILDA: Your drugstore, anywhere.

RON: It’s just a clear plastic; it comes in different colors as well.

NILDA: Right. So, I’m just going to keep this one neat and clean, just going to fold it and push it up a little.

RON: So, you’re leaving a few inches on the bottom.

NILDA: I am leaving a few inches on the bottom and I’m just going to roll it and take my double-sided adhesive.

Double-sided tape here, on the inside.

Just continue rolling it so it’s neat and clean. And the piece here on the bottom, what I’m gong to do, is take some tape, put the tape in the center.

RON: So you took some double-sided tape…

NILDA: Right, I’m rolling it up to give it a little texture, putting it in and just push my paper in, my cellophane, one last piece. And up here, gather it.

RON: Regular tape.

NILDA: Just to hold it in place.

RON: This is what you call wire ribbon?

NILDA: Right.

RON: It’s a little more substantial.

NILDA: Just do a regular shoelace bow, and you have a nice package. Put your tag on it. Deliver it. And instead of using the points like we did last time, we’re just going to cut the ends at a little angle. It’ll be easier.

RON: No need for trimming up here, either?

NILDA: If you want to, but I think it actually gives it a little character.

RON: From Kate’s Paperie here in New York City, Nilda, thank you. And I’m Ron Corning with howdini.

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