How to buy gifts for a guy


Buying the perfect gift for the man in your life doesn't have to be a challenge if you remember one universal truth--guys love gadgets. Brett Fahlgren of GQ Magazine has some excellent examples of just the kinds of gadgets that make a perfect gift.

How to buy gifts for a guy
  • Guys love gadgets.
  • The Apple iPhone lets you browse the Internet and doubles as an iPod.
  • The Apple HiFi stereo fills a room with great sound with music from your iPod. The remote control makes it easy to control and can be powered by batteries for portability.
  • For guy who travels a lot, the Braun travel shaver is sleek and stylish as well as battery operated.
  • The Playstation Portable is also great for the traveling man. Games like Madden Football help pass the time on long trips. You can also watch movies and listen to music on it.
  • Nintendo Wii is a great interactive gift for all ages. Games like Legend of Zelda let you swing the nunchuk device as an actual sword.
  • If your guy isn’t into gadgets, a kitchen knife makes a great gift. A Swiss Army-made knife has ridges on the blade that prevent food from sticking.
  • The Silver Spoon cookbook is full of Italian food recipes.
  • Fragrances also make great guy gifts - a guy should have different scents for each season.

JENNIFER: Hi I'm Jennifer Morris for howdini. It's time to find a gift for your guy; that can be difficult so we have with us Brett Fahlgren, the GQ style correspondent some tips for gifts. How to get good gifts for your guys. Lots of G's in there. Brett?

BRETT: It is difficult to find gifts for guys and so we're going to find fool-proof options for you. We've brought them along; they're all gadgets. The first one is my personal favorite which is the iPhone.

JENNIFER: Very popular.

BRETT: Yes exactly. I love the iPhone because it's basically an all-in-one camera. It has everything that you can imagine. The one part that I love especially is that it has itunes on your phone. And also when you go on the internet, unlike other cell phones where it has to sort of reformat the text and you can only read articles, this is the actual internet on the phone. So, it looks really great. It looks just like the front of The New York Times.

JENNIFER: Now how much would this run you?

BRETT: Um, they're starting at $400 now, so they've gone down and they're a little more affordable.

JENNIFER: Okay Brett, what do you have for us next? We have this cool, white contraption here what's that?

BRETT: This is a great item. This is also made by Apple. It's the Hi Fi, it's a speaker. This is really all you need to fill up your living room with deep, really good sound. What's great about it is it's extremely convenient and your able to put your iPod right on top of the dock. And then it has a remote control, so from any point in the room, you can just point it and fast forward to any of the songs that you like. It's really nice and it's also perfectly designed. Apple really makes beautifully designed items.

JENNIFER: It fits anywhere and even if you want to take it on the road with you you could do that.

BRETT: You can take it on the road and you can put batteries in the back if you want to have a beach party or something like that.

JENNIFER: And, so how much does this run you again?

BRETT: About $300.

JENNIFER: Okay. Okay so tell us about this cool contraption here.

BRETT: This is a great item. This is for the guy that travels a lot; it's a travel shaver made by Braun. And it's very sleek and well-designed and it's kind of almost like a cell phone. You can flip the top over and there you go. You're ready for a close shave.

JENNIFER: Just through that in your briefcase and go.

BRETT: And go. It's very simple; it's battery operated and it's a really nice item. Also--

JENNIFER: And how much does that cost?

BRETT: This is around $50.

JENNIFER: So this is a good option for a little less money.

BRETT: This is one of my personal favorites. This is actually by Playstation. This is the Playstation Portable. This is also for the guy who travels a lot and if he's a big sports fan what's great is that you can get him the Madden NFL game and you can like me when I'm on a long trip, heading to the west coast, I play my favorite team and it really passes the time.


BRETT: It's a cool gadget all around. It's one of the highest rated gadgets from tech experts. And you can also watch movies on it. You can listen to music and you can play a wide array of video games on it also.

JENNIFER: What is this?

BRETT: This is the Nintendo Wii and this is one of the most popular items. If you can find one, buy it. It's so coo, it's great because both men and women love to play it. It's an interactive--it's really sort of revolutionary in that--I'll show you, this is called the nun chuck--

JENNIFER: Uh-oh watch out.

BRETT: Exactly watch out.

JENNIFER: I better behave.

BRETT: And we have on of the most popular games here which is Legends of Zelda and what's interesting about it is you can actually, when you use your sword in the video game, you swing with the nun chuck. So there's a sensor on top of your screen and it's a great game. There's a lot of different--you can have boxing, there's table tennis, there's tennis--

JENNIFER: Okay now what if your guy is not into gadgets and maybe not into sports, but--

BRETT: Yeah.

JENNIFER: Maybe into something a little more sophisticated.

BRETT: Yeah, exactly, cooking. Especially if you want the guy in your life to cook a little more. Every guy should have a really nice knife for in the kitchen and what's amazing about this is that it has these ridges built into the blade that makes it so when you cut something, nothing sticks.

JENNIFER: Oh great.

BRETT: It's made by Swiss Army and it's a really beautiful item. It's about $100. And it makes a nice addition to any kitchen.

JENNIFER: Can you tell us a little bit about this cookbook here? This is big.

BRETT: Yes this is the Silver Spoon and this is translated from Italian and it really has all the best recipes that you can possibly imagine.

JENNIFER: And it's Italian food? Italian's got pastas...

BRETT: It's been the best-selling book in Italy for about 50 years and it's a really good place to start. So, if a guy in your life is a cook or you want him to be a cook, this is a really nice gift.

JENNIFER: This is also to keep your guy smelling--

BRETT: Yes, fragrance, men's fragrances are really great items. And much like when you change your dress and what you wear in your wardrobe for the seasons, so should you also update your fragrance. The same fragrance that you wear for the summer might not be the best for the winter. This is one of my favorites, this is by Kiton. It has a little more depth, it's a little more structured, a little more masculine. Whereas if you want something for the spring, you have Acqua di Gio which is a little more light, a little more refreshing.

JENNIFER: Okay so how much does one of these bottles run you?

BRETT: They're going to run you about $50. So they won't break the bank.

JENNIFER: Thanks so much Brett. Again that's Brett Fahlgren. He is the GQ style correspondent and I'm Jennifer Morris for howdini.


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