How to set a romantic mood


Looking to create a sexy mood? Bruce Littlefield, author of Garage Sale America, finds lots of ways to add some spice around the house.

How to set a romantic mood

Here are just a few ways to make the boring old humdrum of home a little sexier.

  • Leave a trail of red feathers from the front door to the bedroom.
  • Leave a trail of rose petals from the front door to bedroom.
  • Leave clues around the house that lead to a special moment.
  • Christmas lights draped over the bed can create a fun and romantic atmosphere. Everyone looks good in red light. Or replace a regular light bulb with a red one.
  • Try one of the linen sprays that leave a talcum powder feel on your sheets. Use body lotions and oils to make yourself feel great.
  • If all else fails, use a fishbowl as a special treat jar. Write down some suggestions on little slips of paper and take turns pulling out the suggestions. For example, a five minute massage card. Bruce pulls one out that says ‘Let’s take a bath together.’

Hi there I'm Bruce Littlefield for and today we're going to talk about how to set a sexy mood. Every night we come home to the same thing, but what if you came home one night to find things were different? How different? Well it can be simple, like leaving a trail of feathers from your front door to the bedroom. That indicates something new is going to happen. Something fun, something playful. You can do the same thing with rose petals. Rose petals from the front door to the bedroom indicate let's play, let's have a good time.

And if you get really creative you might put some clues around the house. Clue number one lead to clue number two leads to clue number three leads to clue number four leads to well, we all know where clue number five leads us.

You can do some other things besides make some clues, you can actually set the scene so that it feels very sexy. Christmas lights aren't just for the Christmas tree. These draped over the bed, that can lead to a great, romantic mood. Let's not forget that we all look good in red lights. So change out one of the bulbs in your room with a red light bulb and instantly we all look and feel sexier. 

Speaking of feeling great, they're making great products now these. This is call Silky Sheets, you spray it in your sheets. It has a nice talcum powder feel and if that doesn't work, these are great products and lotions and bath products that will enhance the night, make you feel good. From a raspberry body scrub to some walnut body lotion and if all of that fails, I've got my fool, fool-proof technique which is my fish bowl.  Create a fishbowl where you put some fun things in for you and your partner to do and write down some suggestions like a five minute massage for example. Or dinner out. If you're feeling a little down, pick up one and see what it says. Like this one says, Let's take a bath together. 

I'm going to go get cleaned up. You go have some fun. For I'm Bruce Littlefield. 

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