How to write a love letter


So you want to write a love letter but you've got writer's block? Bruce Littlefield, author of Garage Sale America, specializes in adding the personal touch to his gifts and cards, and he has some ideas to get the creative writing juices flowing.

How to write a love letter

Be not afraid--you can write a love letter without it seeming cheesy or cornball. There are three basic elements:

1. You need a good beginning, such as...

     I love you because...

     I like it when you do…(to me?)

     I like it when we...

2. For the middle, remember a special time, like your wedding, your first date, or honeymoon, and write about that to bring back a loving memory.

3. Get to the point. Get to the I love you.

--After you’ve written it, think about how you’re going to deliver it. Sometimes Bruce will wrap it in a box like it’s a present. You can also use lipstick on a’s fun and sexy…you could even write on the windshield of the car if you don’t mind the neighbors seeing.

--You can have the kids write valentines on the sidewalk with chalk.

--And how about dropping a love note into a bottle and putting it in the tub?


Hey there I'm Bruce Littlefield for and today I'm going to show you how to write a love letter. Today it's all about showing the love. A lot of times we face the blank page as if it's a daunting task. You know we don't want to be cheesy, we want to make sure we communicate the right way. And in the end we want to get out message across.

So there's three easy things you can do in order to do that. One is, you gotta know a beginning. I love you a perfect beginning. I like you to do this with a perfect beginning. Let's go a perfect beginning. Or, I like it when a perfect beginning. 

Also, the middle part, you might want to remember some kind of special occasion, some kind of fun that you've had together. For example, your wedding, your honeymoon, your first date. You can talk about that in a love letter and make your loved one smile. 

And the last thing is that you want to get to the point. Don't worry if it's just "I love you." A simple can be sweet. And don't feel like you have to write a book. In the end, it's all about getting your message across. I love you.

After you've written it, think about how you're going to deliver it because that makes it A, number one. Sometimes I wrap my love letters up in a box. Easy, wrap it like a present and make them feel special; you're giving them something special. You know you can also use the old trick of lipstick. Lipstick on a mirror is really fun. It's also very sexy to come home and see something written on a mirror in the bathroom for example. Or if you're brave and you don't mind the neighbors having a look, you can write it on the windshield. When you get in the car and you see that in the morning, that's a howdy and a happy wake-up call. 

You know I have another idea if you want to get the kids involved. There's things like this, we have the spray chalk and of course there's the street chalk. You can have the kids write Dad a love letter in the driveway. What fun is that to come home to. And if you're really ambitious, take your note, wrap it up in a bottle, put some fun things inside and drop it in the tub. You'll never know what's coming up next.

So for I'm Bruce Littlefield.

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