How to create fuller lips with face yoga


You want fuller lips, but you don't want to be injected with collagen or other what do you do? You could try face yoga, as practiced by yoga teacher Annelise Hagen, author of The Yoga Face.

How to create fuller lips with face yoga

Face Yoga aims to make facial muscles stay firm and smooth without plastic surgery. A few simple facial ‘exercises’ can give you fuller lips by promoting resistance in the ring muscles around your lips.

Blowing kisses

  • Blow kisses, using your hand to create pressure against your lips.
  • Puckering and pressing into something creates muscle resistance.

Blow “smoke rings”

  • Another exercise to help get that bee stung look is to blow “smoke rings.”
  • Pucker your lips into a small ‘o’ and blow out.

Neutral smile

  • Practicing a neutral smile in the mirror will also help prevent wrinkles around your lips.
  • To achieve this neutral smile, just think about pulling the corners of your mouth toward your ears and open your eyes really wide.
  • Do a few reps to create “muscle memory” so it’s incorporated into your normal range of motion.
Transcript JENNIFER: I’m Jennifer Morris for Okay, cancel that collegian injection there’s a new kid on the block called face yoga that claims to tighten muscles and help your face stay firm and smooth, without plastic surgery. I’m with Annelise Hagen, a yoga instructor, and the author of The Yoga Face. And she is here to demonstrate face yoga for the lips. Hi Annelise-


JENNIFER: Can you really get fuller lips from doing face yoga?

ANNELISE: Yes. There are ring muscles around your lips, so puckering and pressing into something is really helpful. Sounds kind of obvious but if you just blow kisses it’s a great way to create resistance and have that muscular action take place.


ANNELISE: So I like to call it the Marilyn Monroe, and you can think your just blowing kisses to your fans. Another one you can do is blowing smoke rings.

JENNIFER: And that’s going to create fuller lips like we just had a collegian injection?

ANNELISE: You’ll get the bee sting look.

JENNIFER: Now what can we do, speaking of lines around the lips, what can we do to get rid of those, what exercises can you do.

ANNELISE: Yeah, well the two we just did are good. So you can practice a neutral smile, kind of think of it as a beauty pageant smile. And I’m not suggesting that you become a robot, but if you look at the way you smile in the mirror you’ll see that we do, we are sort of our own worst enemy. In terms of wrinkles by the habits we have as smilers. So it’s a good exercise to practice a neutral smile, so you can think to pull the corners of your mouth toward your ears, like your laughing out loud. And then open the eyes really wide.

JENNIFER: And how long do you do this for?

ANNELISE: Really like a couple times, they’re like reps, you do it once, you stop, then you do it again. And the key, again, is it is easier to do it in front of a mirror. You just want to pull the corners of your mouth toward our ears, open your mouth like your laughing out loud, widen the eyes.

JENNIFER: And you do a little smile, okay.

ANNELISE: Yeah, wide eyed like you are so happy to be here. So that way you won’t crinkle your eyes when you smile. I’m not saying you should always smile like that, but as in any muscle memory, you practice something it will get incorporated into your normal range of motion.

JENNIFER: Okay, thank you so much for joining us.

ANNELISE: Your welcome.

JENNIFER: I’m Jennifer Morris for
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