How to manage winter hair with organic products


For some of us, winter is one long bad hair day. But it doesn't have to be. Christine Richmond, senior editor at Natural Health Magazine, has some tips to keep your hair shiny and beautiful, the natural way, using organic products.

How to manage winter hair with organic products
  • The drop in humidity in the winter affects your hair as well as being indoors surrounded by indoor heating.
  • Low humidity and indoor heating dry out your hair, cause an itchy scalp, dull hair and static.
  • Keep your hair hydrated by shampooing less in the winter (1-3 times a week).
  • If your hair is really dry then you can shampoo with a light conditioner as opposed to an actual shampoo.
  • Hydrating, gentle shampoos with olive oil in them work best.
  • Use olive oil or sunflower oil to massage your scalp for about one minute before you go to bed. This creates blood flow to the scalp and helps regulate your oil production.
  • Brands like Organics and Jason can help keep your hair hydrated and keep your static under control.

STACEY: I'm Stacey Tisdale for howdini. If it seems like winter brings out the worst in your hair, well you don't have to hibernate or leave your hat on on the time. Christine Richmond is here with some great advice. She's the senior editor and green expert at Natural Health magazine. Christine thank you so much for joining us. Now why is winter so rough on our hair?

CHRISTINE: Well it's pretty simple it's the drop in humidity that affects our hair. That and the fact that we're indoors a lot more surrounded by indoor heating.

STACEY: And what are some of the effects that those things have on our hair?

CHRISTINE: Well what that does is it dries out your hair and it leads to those classic winter problems like an itchy scalp or dull hair and then of course the dreaded static.

STACEY: As far as some of the tricks to keeping our hair and scalp healthy, you say one great thing is to lather less.

CHRISTINE: Yeah if you think about shampooing a little less often than you would in the summer. Maybe one to three times a week--that'll help a lot in terms of keeping your hair well hydrated. If your hair's really dry, you can actually shampoo with a light conditioner instead of a shampoo. Use it the same way you would a shampoo, rinse it out...but that'll help keep your hair hydrated.

STACEY: And are there specific products that could help?

CHRISTINE: You want to look for something really gentle. We like Mario Russo's line. He has some hydrating shampoos and conditioners with olive oil in them.

STACEY: You say massaging with oil is also a great thing to do for your hair in the winter.

CHRISTINE: Yeah that um--massaging with oil is a great way to bring blood flow to your scalp and regulate your oil production. It's really easy to do. You can actually just dip your fingertips in some olive oil or sunflower oil and just rub your head for about a minute before you go to bed.

STACEY: You also say the products that we use could make a big difference in the winter.

CHRISTINE:Definitely when you're finishing your look you want to use a really hydrating product to finish it off. If you're at the drugstore there's a brand called Organics. They make a really nice serum that's made with natural vanilla bean. Another great choice is Jason. They make a lot of natural products for your hair and we really love their citrus pomade. And that will just keep your static under control and keep your hair hydrated and looking its best.

STACEY: Great advice. Christine Richmond, senior editor and green expert at Natural Health magazine. Thank you so much for joining us.

CHRISTINE:Thank you Stacey.

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