How to treat different grades of sports injury sprains


There are different grades of sprains. Phoenix Mercury athletic trainer Tamara Poole explains the severity of each sprain and how to treat them.

Transcript A lot of people think about sprains in one category. Actually sprains can diversify. There can be a grade-1, a grade-2 or grade-3 or even a grade-4. Grade-1 is your typical sprain that’s a little bit uncomfortable. There’s a little swelling and you are okay. A lot of times with professional athletes we actually get a much higher grade of sprain. For instance, when Tanagela sprained her knee it was quite bad and in that instance, immediately she saw her doctor, X-rays are taken, any other kind of test that may need to be done is taken and sometimes when it’s that bad I will actually care for the athlete 24/7. So sometimes when the sprain is not that bad, I send them on their way and tell them what to do with a bucket of ice and some ice bags. Sometimes it’s bad enough that I feel that the care in the beginning is so important to the endpoint, I will go and be with the athlete 24/7 so that I make sure that they are icing every hour on the hour. I’ll make sure that maybe passive motion is done. Make sure that it’s propped up; make sure that they are comfortable because if I can control that time I might be able to knock days, may be even weeks off their recovery time.
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