How to balance hormones through diet to ease menstrual pain


Looking for natural ways to ease your period? Dr. Daemon Jones shares her approach to treating menstrual cramps that result from female hormonal imbalances.

Transcript On the long-term, we have to balance the hormones, and balancing our hormonal system takes a little bit longer than a week or two weeks before our periods, usually I consider about three months as a reasonable amount of time, and that I focus on whole foods in terms of what we eat, so I look at a couple of different things. We want to have things that are high in omega-3 fatty acids. So, essential fatty acids are, essential means that your body can’t produce them, so you have to get them from your food. So that’s, whenever we are talking about essential fatty acids, that’s what we are talking about, and so omega-3 fatty acids are very important because they help our cycle to make sure that we are actually getting our progesterone and our estrogens, which are our female hormones, and that they are in appropriate balance. So that’s why salmon is something that people think is really good, or sardines maybe considered really good. Avocados are really good, walnuts --those types of foods that actually will help us to get our omega- 3s, so that we can actually produce appropriate amounts of our estrogens and progesterone. So that’s one of the things that I think is really important, foods that I think are very important.
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