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Are you looking for a way to get surround sound in your apartment or home? Home theater expert, Robert Heron, explains how a soundbar can provide movie theater surround sound in your living space, no matter how small.

Transcript Hi, I'm Robert Heron. Today, we're going to talk about how a sound bar can provide movie theater surround sound in your living room. Sound bars are a great way to bring big sound to small to mid-size spaces. They don't take up a lot of room or require complex wiring, so it's an easy way to get even better sound from your TV. Sound bars can be a particularly good match for flat TVs, like this one here, as they provide much better sound than the tiny speakers built into the TV. Plus, they're designed to better blend with your existing TV and home decor. Depending on where your TV is located in your room, you can either place your sound bar on your entertainment stand in front of your TV, or easily mount it on the wall. If you plan to place it in front of your TV, you'll want to double check the depth of the sound bar to make sure it will sit safely on your TV stand. And if you wall mount it, you'll want to think about cable management. You'll need to run a single cable from the sound bar to the TV, so you can either run the cable through the wall or let it hang between units. After you hear the incredible sound quality that this single speaker and sub puts out, you'll likely be left wondering how one compact speaker creates this dynamic sound experience. The sound bar virtually reproduces surround sound through the front speakers to make it seem as though you are wrapped in sound. Now, let's talk about a few key features you'll want to look for when shopping for a sound bar system for your space. If you're a movie buff and you're looking for heart pounding sound for explosions and other action packed scenes, then you'll want to make sure to get a sound bar with a separate subwoofer. All sound bars let you connect a sub, and some systems even include one. A few, like this one here, even give you a wireless subwoofer so that you can easily stash it in a corner or under an end table, although, of course, you still need to plug it into a wall. In addition to watching your movies, if you enjoy playing your music out loud, look for a sound bar with Bluetooth technology, like this one, so you can wirelessly stream and enjoy music from your smartphone, computer, tablet, or other Bluetooth-enabled device. But remember, not all sound bars are created equally. Sound quality will vary greatly from brand to brand, and every speaker sounds slightly different to everyone's ear. So make sure you listen and compare before you buy. A sound bar is a simple and inexpensive way to significantly improve your entertainment experience, so let's recap a few of the benefits-- ideal for any sized room, home theater sound in a space-saving design, easy installation and set up, less wire clutter with wireless sub, and wireless access to music with Bluetooth. On behalf of Sony, I'm Robert Heron for Howdini. For more tips, check out
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