How to make a blended peach whiskey sour


Bump of the flavor of a classic whiskey sour by blending it with peaches and apricot preserves. Chef and mixologist Kathy Casey shows you how simple it is to make this delicious frozen cocktail!

How to make a blended peach whiskey sour RECIPE

2 cups ice
4 oz bourbon
1 lemon, skin cut off, quartered
1 cup peaches (you can also substitute frozen, defrosted peaches if fresh are not available)
1 1/2 oz simple syrup
2 - 3 bar spoons apricot jam


In the blender cup of The Quiet One blender by VitaMix, add the ice, bourbon, lemon, peaches, simple syrup and apricot jam.
Blend on setting #4, consistency should be smooth and creamy.
Pour into 2 small daiquiri or large fun glasses.
Garnish with fresh peach or edible flowers chilled glasses.
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